Natural Insemination (NI)

People, have been making babies 'the old fashioned way' since the beginning of time. Natural insemination is of course one of the quickest ways to achieve a pregnancy. It is however, not necessarily the simplest way especially when you are dealing with two strangers or in many cases three strangers where you have a partnered couple and a sperm donor.

Although tries to encourage members to pursue insemination through a fertility clinic or home insemination with a screened sperm donor, natural insemination is an option as there are both many male and female members who prefer to use this method. However, if natural insemination is definitely not for you then you can clearly state this fact in your profile.

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What is natural insemination?

When we refer to NI, in plain English we mean sexual intercourse. If you are in a heterosexual relationship then the process of making babies through NI will not be a problem for you however when we consider sperm donor and sperm donor recipient relationships NI does become an issue. Whether you are a heterosexual couple where the man is suffering infertility and you are looking to use a donor or you are a single woman or a lesbian couple the question around whether you should choose NI should be considered very carefully.

It is very much a personal choice for you and if you have a trusting enough relationship with your donor and you both feel comfortable then it can be an option.

We monitor all members’ behavior on and try to ensure that all members act in a responsible and non offensive manner. You should never feel pressured into NI and if a member is suggesting something you do not feel comfortable with then please report them immediately. If you do decide that NI is the option for you then you should insist on up-to-date health screening tests and for a donor we would suggest you ask for fertility tests to ensure that your donor is actually fertile.

Methods such as home insemination and artificial insemination  through a clinic do work so there are definitely options for you. The most important advice is don’t take chances with your health or with your safety and if you feel something just isn’t right with a donor and they are pressuring you for NI then report them straight away.

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