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Anonymous Sperm Donors

What are the Anonymous Sperm Donor Facts?

An anonymous sperm donor is a man who has donated his sperm through a sperm bank and agreed to have is identity remain private. Many countries now operate a law stating that children born as a result of sperm donors through a licensed fertility clinic are entitled to access their sperm donor father’s details when they reach 18 years of age. This means that sperm donors can never be classed as truly anonymous.

Even in countries where there are anonymous donors such as USA and Australia it is highly likely that you would be able to trace your biological father through techniques such as DNA matching.

What are the Rights and Responsibilities of a Sperm Donor?

As a sperm donor you should be fully aware before donating of your rights and responsibilities as a donor which can vary greatly depending on how your child is conceived e.g. home insemination or artificial insemination through a clinic. 

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What are the legal implications of using an anonymous donor?

If you donate through a clinic you would have no legal rights as a parent. However when any resulting child born through sperm donation at a clinic reaches 18 years of age he or she will have the legal right to gain information on their donor and indeed any other children born as a result of that donor.

*Variations in this law may occur depending on the counry in which you purchase your sperm from as some countries uphold the law for donor anonymity.

What rights do lesbian couples have if they conceive with an anonymous donor?

What rights do married heterosexual couples have if they conceive with an anonymous sperm donor?

What rights do single heterosexual women, single lesbians and un-married lesbian couples have using an anonymous donor?

Where can I find an anonymous sperm donor?

Sperm Bank: You can purchase sperm from a sperm bank. Any child born as a result of that sperm donation will not be able to trace their biological father until they reach 18 years of age. In this respect the donor is anonymous for much of the child’s life.

Co-ParentMatch.com: There are male members on Co-ParentMatch.co who choose to remain anonymous to the child. In this instance where you will physically meet your donor face-to-face, anonymity means that the donor will donate to you but perhaps not provide his true identity or he will share his identity but agree that he will not take part in the child’s upbringing therefore remaining anonymous in the child’s life.

There are risks with anonymous donors in that in order to ensure your donor is fully medically screened you will need to know his identity and have him share his health screening records.

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