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Sperm donors for single women

How can I Find Sperm Donors for Single Women?

Thousands of single women wanting to start a family have found the perfect sperm donor using Co-ParentMatch.com. We cater for women who are looking for a donor or co-parent by offering a tailored matching service with effective results that will get you pregnant fast!

Is there a Matching Service of Sperm Donors for Single Women?

We match sperm donors with single women for free. You can search thousands of online sperm donor profiles with pictures and specify what type of male you are looking for by looks, personality, profession and donor role.

We have sperm donors with pictures that you can browse through to give you a good idea of what genes your child may inherit so if you have a particular look in mind you can search by height, hair colour, eye colour and lot's of other physical features. Unlike some sperm banks, viewing sperm donor pictures is completely free with Co-ParentMatch.com

Where can Lesbians Looking for Sperm Donors go?

If you are a lesbian couple or a single lesbian woman looking for a sperm donor then this site has all the information you will need from considering whether you want an anonymous or known donor to finding the right sperm donor for you. We have the largest selection of sperm donors available worldwide and you can search here for free.

How do I get a sperm donor?

  1. Decide if you want to use a known donor/co-parent or choose an anonymous sperm donor
  2. Register with Co-ParentMatch.com, add a profile and start searching for a match.
  3. When you have found your match you can arrange your chosen method of insemination.
  4. How quickly you can inseminate will depend on whether your donor has been tested for levels of fertility and sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. Home insemination is a very popular method to conceive and has proven results. Alternatives include IUI/IVF at a clinic or NI.

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