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Free Sperm Donors

What is a Free Sperm Donor?

A free sperm donor is a man who is willing to donate his sperm for no cost at all. Free sperm is one of the means by which to have a baby. Dubbed in the press as ‘donor sexuals’ these are men that are willing to help women become pregnant for altruistic reasons.

Donate for Free from the Goodness of your Heart

You may ask if men are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, to share their gene pool or are they looking for something else? The answer is simple – there are free sperm donors worldwide who donate for many different reasons personal to themselves. On Co-ParentMatch.com donors will tell you the reasons why they are donating.

The good news is that sperm is free as it is illegal to sell sperm UNLESS you are buying it from a sperm bank.

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Why are so many women looking for Free Sperm Donors?

For women who have tried to have a baby through traditional means with their partner and failed or for those who have spent thousands on failed IVF treatment or other artificial insemination techniques it is clear that opting for a free sperm donor is a very attractive alternative.

Millions of couples and singles are on a quest to have a baby but unlike most women who cannot pregnant by their partner need to find an alternative. An increasingly popular choice is for women to search for a free sperm donor on a specialist website like Co-ParentMatch.com . We are devoted to finding you the perfect sperm donor.

What do you get with a Free Sperm Donor?

  • You get to meet your donor face-to-face, shake his hand and get to know what he is like.
  • You get fresh sperm with higher success rates than using frozen sperm. Always make sure your donor provides you with up-to-date health and fertility tests to ensure he is disease free and has a good sperm count.
  • Having a child is  a big deal and many women do not want to have a baby with someone that they have never talked to. Searching through our free sperm donor list gives you a great choice for finding a compatible match.
  • You can view free sperm donor profiles meaning you get to look at a picture, see what your donor looks like, find out what your donor does for their profession, why your donor is donating and much more.

How do I pregnant using a Free Sperm Donor?

Once you have met your donor you can arrange for home insemination. This does not have to be in your home but can be in a mutually agreed place where you both feel comfortable. Before any insemination takes place make sure you have your donors up-to-date health and fertility tests to ensure he is disease free and has a good sperm count.

Once you have bought your home insemination kit if you are not in a place where you are able to lie down after insemination a good option is to use a soft cup which can be inserted and sits next to the cervix meaning as you walk around nature can take its course.

Why should I Become a Free Sperm Donor?

- You get to meet the mother (and partner) of your child.
- You may get to receive updates of your child.
- You can choose in future to donate to the same woman to create further siblings
- Help singles and couples achieve their dream of becoming a parent.

If you would like to become a free sperm donor then Register with Co-ParentMatch.com Now!

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