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Welcome to the Official has been helping to create alternative families since 2007. We were the first website of its kind to introduce the concept of co-parenting to produce loving stable families. has helped thousands of singles and couples achieve their dream of becoming a parent. Check out our success stories for some examples of the co-parents we have helped.

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What is Co-Parenting?

If you have arrived at you may well already know about co-parenting. This is a little different from traditional co-parenting as in this case we mean two or more people who agree to have a child and bring that child up together. 

A Co-Parenting arrangement usually involves both the birth mother and paternal father raising a child jointly based on a co-parenting agreement. Co-Parenting can involve differing amounts of access for both parents. Often the child will live with the birth mother and the father will have access rights seeing the child on an agreed schedule e.g. weekends, special occasions. In some cases both parents will live in close proximity to each other and will share custody on an ad hoc basis.

Co-Parenting arrangements will vary for every individual however it essentially a way for the child to grow up knowing both parents. It is important to set out the terms of your co-parenting agreement before conception.

Searching for a Co-Parent?

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Are you single and want to be a co-parent?

If you are single and want to have a child that you raise with another person then co-parenting could be the answer for you. You may feel that now is the right stage of your life to start a family. Are you a woman who would like to have the father involved in your child's life? Are you a man who would like to be known as daddy?

Lesbian or Gay and considering Co-Parenting?

For lesbians and gay men it is becoming more and more common to be co-parents sharing parental duties between all parents.
The level of parental responsibility depends on various factors including whether you are legally married and how and where the child is conceived.

Find your co parent match

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Co-parenting enables parents to work together to bring up their children. Traditionally co-parenting has been a forced experience due to parents separating, but more recently started a revolution for many single men and women to get together and make co-parenting their choice for beginning a family.

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