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What does Coronavirus mean for Sperm Donation?

29 Mar 20
What does Covid-19 mean for Sperm Donation? The ongoing worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has raised a lot of concerning questions around fertility, pregnancy, IVF and sperm donation.   Let us try to help answer some of...

Aussie Blokes We Need Your Sperm

25 Feb 20
Aussie Blokes We Need Your Sperm There is currently a massive shortage of sperm donors in Australia with one clinic in the Northern Territory claiming that just four donations have been made within the last three years.   Sperm clinics...

Australian Women’s Magazine want Co-Parents

15 Feb 20
I’m writing an article for an Australian women’s magazine about co-parenting and we want to hear from people who have co-parented or are considering it! We’re keen to shine a light on people who are choosing to raise their kids togeth...

5 Intelligent Sperm Donors ready to pass on their Clever Genes

17 Jan 20
Intelligent Sperm Donors For some women the process of choosing a sperm donor depends on several key factors including looks, religion, blood group, level of donor involvement and the IQ level of a sperm donor. The order you put these factors d...

Potential documentary series exploring modern family life

10 Dec 19
Hello everyone! Thank you for passing this message on for me.   I’m reaching out to all of you because award-winning production company, Firecracker Films, is currently in the early stages of research for a potential documentary seri...

BBC How queers have kids and build their families

28 Nov 19
We are a queer and trans audio production team making a podcast series for BBC Sounds about how queers have kids and build their families. The podcast is being hosted by Freddy McConnell, who shared the story of starting his own family in the documenta...

Big City Sperm Donors

21 Oct 19
Big City Sperm Donors It is always interesting looking at geographical statistics of where the majority of sperm donors are looking to donate sperm. We always find that there are lots of guys looking to help women become pregnant in major cities ac...

The Gay Couples Looking to Become Sperm Donors

09 Sep 19
Gay Sperm Donor Success I received notification of a great success story today. A gay man living in New Zealand who's partner had a baby three years through Co-ParentMatch.com is now looking to become a known sperm donor or co-parent to enable ...

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