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Sperm donor for lesbians in Los Angeles

31 Aug 20
Hi lesbian single mother /lesbian couple in the Los Angeles area:   I’m Lorenzo, 41, born in Brazil with Italian descendants - very healthy, 6’1 and 210 pounds, athletic body shape - Love outdoors, beach, books, theater and m...

Never did get around to saying “thank you” co-parentmatch.com

01 Jul 20
Hi there! I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the work you do on your fantastic site. I joined around 2009 and eventually met the right lady in 2010. We went on to become parents in 2014 to a beautiful boy. He’s just turned 6 years old ...


30 Jun 20
Hi, I’m a UK-based freelance writer for The Guardian’s Weekend Magazine. Following a post a few weeks back, I am looking to interview ANONYMOUS coparents for a feature documenting the experiences of heterosexual pairings who meet ...

Co-parents Wanted for Fabulous Magazine

08 Jun 20
Hello there, I'm a journalist working on a feature for Fabulous magazine (the UK's most widely-read women's title, with more than a million readers per week).   If you are a British woman (aged 25-50) who is co-parenting w...

When you find a father not just a sperm donor

16 May 20
Receiving feedback from members who have found a sperm donor or co-parent is something we never get tired of. It is the very reason we created this website back in 2007. Opening an email that says someone is pregnant as a result of finding a sperm dono...

Heterosexuals who meet online to make a baby

10 May 20
A Modern Way to Start a Family   I’m a freelance writer for The Guardian, UK, working on a feature about heterosexual pairings who meet online with the sole purpose of having a baby/ co-parenting together, but not getting romanticall...

What does Coronavirus mean for Sperm Donation?

29 Mar 20
What does Covid-19 mean for Sperm Donation? The ongoing worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has raised a lot of concerning questions around fertility, pregnancy, IVF and sperm donation.   Let us try to help answer some of...

Aussie Blokes We Need Your Sperm

25 Feb 20
Aussie Blokes We Need Your Sperm There is currently a massive shortage of sperm donors in Australia with one clinic in the Northern Territory claiming that just four donations have been made within the last three years.   Sperm clinics...

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