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What qualifications does a sperm donor need?

22 Jun 18
What qualifications does a sperm donor need? Sperm Donor Qualifications What qualifications do you need to become a sperm donor? A sperm donor does not have to any specified academic qualifications however if you are thinking of donati...

Wealthy Women Turning to Sperm Donor Meet and Greet Services

11 Jun 18
Sperm Donor Meet and Greet It has been well documented recently that women who do not have the funds to afford to buy sperm from a sperm bank and have artificial insemination treatments turn to online sperm donors to help them conceive. What we are...

Super Cala Fragilistic Ejaculator

22 May 18
What is your shoot volume? Sperm donors are always telling us "I have a high sperm count “or "I have strong swimmers". Many men think because they masturbate or have sex regularly that their sperm is in A1 condition. When you r...

" A few attempts at home insemination before finally getting that positive test result"

13 May 18
Another great success story from a very happy Co-ParentMatch.com member.   Thanks to Gavin for taking the time to write to us and share his great story.   Hi I was about to delete my account online when I noticed the note ...

Co-Parents Wanted for International Day of Families

11 May 18
Hi! I work as a video journalist for press agency Agence France-Presse in Berlin. I would like to speak to a coparenting couple about how they experience being parents. It wouldn’t take too long, maximum two hours. The occasion is the...

Home Insemination Kit of the Year

21 Apr 18
Home Insemination Kit of the Year: the best home insemination kit of 2017 revealed We’ve tested 10 home insemination kits over the last 12 months. Find out which home insemination kits impressed us most to take the Best Home Insemination Kit ...

Documentary Project on Sperm Donors

20 Apr 18
My name is Madeline Swainhart and I am studying photography at the Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, Netherlands.   I am busy with a Documentary project dealing with the topic of Sperm Donors. I am a lesbian myself, and motherhood is my bigg...

Sperm Donors Wanted for University Project

13 Apr 18
I’m looking for any sperm donors to be involved in my final major project at university. The piece will be a positive and informative portrait photo series educating people on Sperm Donors. The reason for the project is that I was conceiv...

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