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10 Years of Sperm Donor Success

04 Jul 19
10 Years of Sperm Donor Success It's been over 10 years since Co-ParentMatch.com was launched so we decided to take a look at some of the sperm donor success stories that we have had in that time period.   Coming to work every day ...

Sperm Donation in LA as it Happens

24 Jun 19
Sperm Donation in LA as it Happens We have a long history of sperm donation in Los Angeles, California. Consistently year on year Co-ParentMatch.com see's many a sperm donor looking to help women become pregnant. This year we have seen a rise i...

Take part in a new study of co-parenting families!

04 Jun 19
A growing number of people are choosing to start their family together under a co-parenting arrangement. Co-parenting arrangements take on lots of different forms but crucially start life outside of a romantic relationship. Despite the growing number o...

5 London Sperm Donors Ready to help you Become Pregnant Now.

16 May 19
5 London Sperm Donors Ready to help you Become Pregnant Now.   Our London sperm donors have never let us down in over 10 years. There are always plenty of men willing to act as a donor to help women become pregnant through sperm donation. ...

5 Big City Single Women Looking for a Sperm Donor

04 Apr 19
It's difficult in a big city to find a man who is looking to settle down and have a family. The fast pace of life and social scene equate more to a fun and dating than serious relationships and babies. However for women who are seriously looking to...

We love Canadian Sperm Donors

08 Mar 19
We love Canadian Sperm Donors Canadian sperm donors have helped thousands of people become parents since Co-parentmatch.com launched in 2007. Many Canadian men seem to be of a caring nature and willing to give for altruistic reasons. Find out what ...

We are now at 22 weeks and found out we having a boy.

21 Feb 19
Thanks Rodrigo for sharing your exciting news. "I am deleting my account. After more than one year and many highs and lows I have found the PERFECT parenting partner!! She is amazing! Loving, kind, thoughtful. I am totally in love wit...

Undergraduate thesis project which explores LGBT accessing assisted reproductive technology

08 Feb 19
 Hello!   My name is Julia Ferreira Gomes and I attend school at Wilfrid Laurier University. As part of an undergraduate thesis project as part of the HE490 Directed Research in Health Sciences course under the supervision of...

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