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5 of the Best Sperm Donors in Australia.

13 Aug 18
5 of the Best Sperm Donors in Australia There are plenty of sperm banks across Australia recruiting sperm donors to meet the demand from women looking to conceive through sperm donation. Sperm donation in Australia is big business with a vial o...

When having your own kids is not enough

30 Jul 18
When having your own kids is not enough I read an interesting an endearing profile this week of a sperm donor in Canada who has "two gorgeous and gifted boys". However, he wishes he can still have more children. As this is unlikely to hap...

My Sperm Donor is a Dog Person

09 Jul 18
My Sperm Donor is a Dog Person   When choosing a sperm donor you may think that factors such as ethnicity, hair/eye colour, height and education would be high on the agenda. However did you know that women searching for sperm donors also l...

"I've helped someone I met through this site"

27 Jun 18
A Happy Sperm Donor We love hearing from happy sperm donors. Thanks to Will for posting a great update to all the women who would love him to become a sperm donor. Congratulations on the pregnancy and best wishes to all involved. If you are a g...

What qualifications does a sperm donor need?

22 Jun 18
What qualifications does a sperm donor need? Sperm Donor Qualifications What qualifications do you need to become a sperm donor? A sperm donor does not have to any specified academic qualifications however if you are thinking of donati...

Wealthy Women Turning to Sperm Donor Meet and Greet Services

11 Jun 18
Sperm Donor Meet and Greet It has been well documented recently that women who do not have the funds to afford to buy sperm from a sperm bank and have artificial insemination treatments turn to online sperm donors to help them conceive. What we are...

Super Cala Fragilistic Ejaculator

22 May 18
What is your shoot volume? Sperm donors are always telling us "I have a high sperm count “or "I have strong swimmers". Many men think because they masturbate or have sex regularly that their sperm is in A1 condition. When you r...

" A few attempts at home insemination before finally getting that positive test result"

13 May 18
Another great success story from a very happy Co-ParentMatch.com member.   Thanks to Gavin for taking the time to write to us and share his great story.   Hi I was about to delete my account online when I noticed the note ...

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