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If you wish to upgrade to premium membership your payment will be processed by PayPal on a subscription basis. You can stop your subscription at any time so if you wish to only pay for 1 month’s membership or 6 months membership you are in full control.

How do I stop my subscription or delete my account?

Using PayPal gives you maximum control over your account so please remember it is the member’s responsibility to cancel their own subscription to prevent any further payments being taken.

To cancel your own subscription or recurring payment:

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click Profile near the top of the page.
  • Select My money.
  • In the 'My pre-approved payments' section, click Update.
  • Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel.
  • Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.

How do I delete my profile?

If you wish to temporarily de-activate your profile you may do this at any time.

  1. Log in to Co-ParentMatch.com
  2. Select 'Profile'
  3. Select 'Account Settings' - at the bottom of this page there is an option to 'Delete Profile' please select this option. 

To permanently delete your profile please contact us.

Please email us and let us know if you have found a match.  We love to hear your success stories.

How can I pay for my membership?

We only use PayPal for our subscriptions as it is automatically linked into membership status and gives our members maximum control and security over their payments i.e. you can stop your subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account. 

PayPal accepts credit and debit cards from all countries.
PayPal accepts the following cards:
a.. Visa / Delta / Electron
b.. MasterCard / Eurocard
c.. PayPal Top Up Card
d.. Maestro
e.. Solo
f.. American Express
Debit cards (also known as bank cards) are accepted if they have a Visa or MasterCard logo.

What payment methods can I use when sending money? 
The following payment methods are available when sending money: 

a.. PayPal Balance
b.. Instant Bank Transfer
c.. eCheque (takes seven to nine business days)
d.. Credit or debit card

Payments using PayPal balance, credit or debit cards and Instant Bank Transfer methods will be credited to the recipient instantly. eCheques will take seven to nine business days to clear.

Which payment method will be used for my purchase?
1.. When you make a payment, any funds in yourPayPal balance are used first
2.. If you have no PayPal balance, or not enoughto cover the whole transaction, the remainder will be taken from your bank account 
3.. If you don't have a bank account registered with PayPal, your credit card or debit card will be charged instead

Co-ParentMatch.com was the first site in this now fastly growing industry, to offer a matching service for co-parents, and we are now established as the leading site worldwide in this field with more members than any other competitor site. We pride ourselves in 100% genuine members giving you the best chance to find your perfect parenting partner.