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Welcome to Co-ParentMatch.com

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What is Co-ParentMatch.com?

Are you looking for a sperm donor?

Are you thinking about co-parenting?

Would you like to become a sperm donor?

Are you considering an alternative option to a sperm bank?

What is Artificial Insemination & Home Insemination?


What is Co-ParentMatch.com?

Welcome to the number one introductory service for sperm donors, co-parents and sperm recipients. We are the largest and most comprehensive online site for people who are either looking for a co-parenting or sperm donor match. Co-ParentMatch.com is the longest running website for co-parenting worldwide.

We have the largest database of sperm donors and sperm recipients across countries including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and throughout Europe.This site gives you the opportunity to register your personal requirements & search through the profiles of our existing members to identify a potential match. Maybe you want to help someone become a parent through sperm donation, you may want to advertise for a donor or co-parent to help you start a family or perhaps you just want some support and information on this exciting step in your life.

Co-ParentMatch.com will help you with lots of advice about how to become a parent through sperm donation. Whether you are looking for a sperm donor or co-parent or you are and considering donating sperm then we have all the information, shop products and search tools you will need to start your family. We also have lots of tips on pregnancy, birth and how to look after your new baby.

If you are trying for or expecting your first baby then your life is going to change in lots of different ways so use our planning guides to help give you a head start.

Are you looking for a sperm donor? 

If you are looking for a sperm donor join for free today! We have thousands of sperm donor profiles to choose from. Our specialist sperm donor search tools let you view sperm donor in your area and you can search by other factors including race and religion. Our sperm donor list is updated every minute of the day so the sperm donor search helps you to find the perfect sperm donor.

A sperm donor can donate through a sperm bank or by home insemination and will be the biological father of any child born as result of his sperm donation Co-parentmatch.com is an introductory service for those who are looking for sperm donors and men who are willing to offer sperm donation.

Sperm donation could be an amazing opportunity for you and give a level of happiness you never thought you could achieve

You can communicate with other like minded people from all over the world including USA, Canada UK and Australia.

What exactly is Sperm Donation?

Sperm donation is when a man ejaculates sperm with the premise of providing that sample to a single woman or couple to become pregnant by home insemination, natural insemination or by artificial insemination.

Sperm donation samples can be provided by a known donor or anonymous donor. These samples are used in IVF and IUI treatments that help to achieve pregnancy.

Sperm donors are often used by single women and lesbians but there are other reasons why people will choose to find a sperm donor:

-Poor sperm count (motility)
-Erectile dysfunction

Sperm Donor Screening

Whether you are donating through a sperm bank or by home insemination a sperm donor must always be tested for health and fertility reasons

The sperm donor screening process includes tests for:

Infectious diseases including
-Genetic diseases
-Blood type
-Rhesus factor

How to choose your sperm donor

When it’s time to pick a sperm donor lots of people consider;

-Education level

When choosing a donor from sperm bank remember to check out:

  • Cost to view sperm donor profiles
  • Cost of the sperm itself
  • What is the quality of the sperm (motility levels)
  • What is the CMV status of the donor
  • Any add on costs to the sperm (some sperm banks add on a pregnancy fee)
  • Any difference in the cost of anonymous donors or Open ID donors
  • Cost of Shipment of the Sperm
  • Can the donor sperm you have chosen be shipped to your country of residence?

Are you Considering Co-Parenting?

Co-ParentMatch.com has been helping to create alternative families since 2007. We were the first website of its kind to introduce the concept of co-parenting to produce loving stable families. Co-ParentMatch.com has helped thousands of singles and couples achieve their dream of becoming a parent. Check out our success stories for some examples of the co-parents we have helped.

What is Co-Parenting?

If you have arrived at Co-ParentMatch.com you may well already know about co-parenting. This is a little different from traditional co-parenting as in this case we mean two or more people who agree to have a child and bring that child up together.

Searching for a Co-Parent?

If you are looking for a co-parent you can join Co-ParentMatch.com FREE today. You can then find and contact thousands of members who may be a potential co-parent match.

Are you single and want to be a co-parent?

If you are single and want to have a child that you raise with another person then co-parenting could be the answer for you. You may feel that now is the right stage of your life to start a family. Are you a woman who would like to have the father involved in your child's life? Are you a man who would like to be known as daddy?

Lesbian or Gay and considering Co-Parenting?

For lesbians and gay men it is becoming more and more common to be co-parents sharing parental duties between all parents.
The level of parental responsibility depends on various factors including whether you are legally married and how and where the child is conceived.

Co-parenting enables parents to work together to bring up their children. Traditionally co-parenting has been a forced experience due to parents separating, but more recently Co-ParentMatch.com started a revolution for many single men and women to get together and make co-parenting their choice for beginning a family.

Search our co-parent profiles

  • Search our profiles for free now. We have thousands of co-parents and sperm donors all over the world. 
  • Co-ParentMatch.com was the first site of its kind created in 2007 to help anyone who wants to find a sperm donor or is looking for sperm donation or a co-parent to have a child.
  • We are an introduction service to connect men, women and couples who would like to have a baby but simply haven't found the right person yet.
  • Our matching service for sperm donors and co-parents let you view member information that match what you are looking for.
  • Our sperm donor list is updated every hour so your sperm donor or co-parent would be waiting for you right now.
  • Co-Parentmatch.com provides an introductory service to anyone who wants a child but maybe has not found the right person by traditional methods.

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Would you like to become a sperm donor?

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Give the gift of sperm donation

Sperm donation is an amazing way to give the gift of life to someone who may be struggling to have a baby by traditional methods. Becoming a sperm donor can help give someone the family they have always dreamt of. Register with us for free today - there are thousands of women desperately seeking your help. Be sure to read of legal facts section for information relating to sperm donors.

Are you considering an alternative option to a sperm bank?

Co-ParentMatch.com is The Alternative Sperm Bank

If you cannot afford to purchase sperm through a sperm bank or wish to use a known donor then Co-ParentMatch.com can be the perfect option for you. Many single women and lesbian couples have traditionally purchased donor sperm for artificial insemination from sperm banks around the world however this trend is now changing with more and more women selecting known donors from websites such as Co-ParentMatch.com  

What is Artificial Insemination & Home Insemination?

Artificial insemination means a method to conceive through a fertility clinic such as IUI or IVF.

Home insemination refers to the use of simple sterilised equipment to help you get pregnant at home using donor sperm. 

For some lucky people becoming pregnant happens fairly quickly, sometimes even first time. However for a lot of people getting pregnant is not always easy.

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5 Simple Ways to Help you Become Pregnant Using Donor Sperm:

  1. Ask your donor to produce up-to-date health tests to ensure he is disease free.
  2. Ensure your donor has had his sperm tested for volume and motility
  3. Ask your doctor for a fertiltiy check to ensure you can conceive
  4. Closely monitor your ovulation to pin point the correct day for insemination
  5. Follow our step-by-step guide for home insemination

3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Home insemination:

  1. Is your donor disease free? Not sure? Get him tested!
  2. Is your donor actually fertile? Does your donor have a high enough sperm count to get you pregnant? Does his sperm have good motility?
  3. Am I ovulating? Monitor your fertile days using ovulation tests or a BBT chart.

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