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Hungarian Marie Claire Looking for Sperm Donors

Dear All, I am a journalist from Budapest, I work for Hungarian Marie Claire printed women's magazine. We are working on an article about coparenting.


I would love to talk to someone here who is willing to share their experiences. I know it is not easy to share your thoughts. But there are many people without children in Hungary who are interested in coparenting and I do not know about many possibilities here...


We can talk in writing or we can have an online interview this week. Anonimity is guaranteed.


We are interested in the following questions:


1. Why did you decide to become a coparent?

2. Did you have any concerns about coparenting before you registered on this website?

3. Was it easy or difficult to find your coparent partner?

4. What do you find the most important qualities in your partner?

5. How do you manage your weekdays?

6. How did your family and friends react to your choice?


Best regards,

Szilvia Bakóczy (freelance journalist, Marie Claire)

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