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Private Sperm Donors

How do I Choose a Private Sperm Donor?

A private sperm donor is usually selected outside of a fertility clinic i.e. a friend or someone you have met on a sperm donor matching website.  

The issues women face as they consider donor conception are varied and include:

  • How it affects children not to have a father?
  • How the parent will provide a stable home?
  • Does the parent have family or community support?
  • What financials are involved?

Where can I Find Private Sperm Donors?

You can search through thousands of online sperm donors so that you can find a private sperm donor at co-parentmatch.com. There are men of all ages,races and sexual orientation for you to choose, some wish to not be involved at all in the child’s upbringing and others would like some or full involvement. All personal profiles of our sperm donors specifically state the level of involvement the sperm donor would like.

When it comes to choosing a private sperm donor, you are going to find that it will become an emotional journey for you and your partner, or if this is a decision you are making on your own, it can become a life changing self-discovery for you as well.

How should I Handle a Private Agreement?

Using a private donor outside of the clinics and sperm banks can offer certain moments of intimacy between the donor and recipient, or could create legal issues if things are not handled with the utmost care and respect towards one another. It is always wise to involve legal contracts, custodial paper work and attorneys when using a private donor. These are all things that clinics and sperm banks would have been able to offer if utilized.

With all of the issues and questions that will go through that are mentioned above should be addressed at one time or another during the interview process, and when discussing the personal responsibility and expectations of the donor and mother to be. This is where legal contracts can benefit both parties; in case someone decides to change their mind or back out, this covers and protects all parties involved.

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