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Brian114 Looking to Become a sperm donor in Sacramento, California, United States

Simply put, I joined because this seems like a win-win for the donor and partner. Allow me to sum myself up: I'm White, tall, and thin, with brown hair, blue eyes and moderately fair skin. I'm in good shape but not athletic. I do enjoy hiking and exercise in general. My ethnic background is Irish, English and German. I'm somewhat shy but enjoy rich conversation. I'm fairly gifted when it comes to academics and got straight As in college. I'm not religious and very Liberal. I'm also pretty skeptical and sarcastic but also a staunch humanist, at least ideologically. Lastly, I'm not a pushy person unless I either know you very well or just find a lot of reason to disagree with you. Thanks for reading about me!

Co-parentmatch username: Brian114
Partnered heterosexual man
Looking to Become a sperm donor
Age: 34
Location: Sacramento, California, United States

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