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Steven842 Looking to Co-parent or Become a sperm donor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Greetings and thank you for taking a further look into my profile. I am a healthy, attractive caucasian male in his early/mid 30s.

I'm fit at 5'10", 170lbs, brown hair and eyes, great skin and a genuine smile. From a healthy long line of Scottish and French descent, athletic, with multiple degrees and professionally successful.

Ideally, I would be interested in meeting someone who is interested in co-parenting as I believe I have a lot to offer and through my years in education and from a large family, I believe I would make a great father. I'm entering this with an open mind, as there isn't one fixed mindset. I'd be open to explore possibilities that would make you (or you and your spouse) the most comfortable as well.

Also, I'm open in being a donor to an individual or couple who is looking for help in making their dream of parenthood come true, with involvement being something to discuss.

So if you're looking for a great guy, with some great genes, to help make a dream come true... please reach out and contact me! 

Co-parentmatch Username: Steven842
Single gay man
Looking to Co-parent or Become a sperm donor
Age: 32
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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