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Iain11 Looking to Co-parent in Cefn-Mawr, Wrexham (Wrecsam GB-WRC)

I'm a 34 year-old guy and have felt for a couple of years now that it feels right to progress to parenthood. I want to be a father not simple father a child. I lead what one could call an "organic existence": food/drink/clothes. I would like a child of mine to follow their heart in respect to their future, not carry out a rigid plan from a parent. Anyway, those things can be discussed if, as and when.
Regarding the mother: first and foremost a similar vision of parenting, e.g. no extreme doctrines / blind faith / McDonalds. If I met someone with whom a relationship could develop, cool. If not, respect, communication and friendliness is a must; romance can become "simply" that in any case. I would like to raise a child to be at least bilingual.Besides speaking three languages myself and know the social and professional benefits first hand, science can now show just how such a brain, especially from childhood, develops differently, and it's good news.

Co-parentmatch username: Iain11
Single heterosexual man
Looking to Co-parent
Age: 35
Location: Cefn-Mawr, Wrexham (Wrecsam GB-WRC), United Kingdom 

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