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Greg59 Looking to Co-parent in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I am a 38 year old black male of Caribbean decent. I really need to have a child at this stage and I don't want to wait past 40 years.I currently live in Calgary and employed full time in Corrections. I hold a BSc degree in Computer Science and currently pursuing a MC degree in counselling psychology. I am physically fit, and slender build. Around 5 feet 11 and about 170 pounds. I'm not looking for a romantic encounter but just someone to co parent with. I love singing and used to sing in a band before. I also try to play a bit of keyboards. I am currently living with someone who already has an older kid of hers but is unable to have any more kids due to medical conditions and plus she is really not too interested in having another kid again. If I don't find someone who will help me then this would meant hat I would have to consider costly IVF procedure or even surrogacy.

Co-parentmatch Username: Greg59

Partnered heterosexual man
Looking to Co-parent
Age: 38
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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