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Ryan165 Looking to Become a sperm donor in Chicago, Illinois, United States

Hi there. I'm a professional white male, unmarried, and likely to remain unmarried. Of Irish German and Scandinavian descent. My family has been in America since before the revolution. I don't know much beyond that. 23andme results have shown no genetic conditions. This isn't about "getting busy" for me. I'm interested in helping those who want a child who are also able to care for such a child. My reasons are private, but let's just say I don't think my genes should die out this generation. The best situation would be a woman or couple with financial stability and the ability to offer a good home environment. I desire no direct contact with the child but do want to know they will be taken care of. Stereotypes notwithstanding I'm not looking to get laid here; though certainly that sounds fun I can get laid I assure you. This doesn't have to be high stress.


Consent can be granted or withdrawn at any time for any reason or no reason. I will want to get to know you a bit as a person or as a couple. In conclusion I think the ideal match would want to give the gift of life in the best situation we can manage to provide. I'm looking forward to the possibility.

Co-parentmatch Username: Ryan165
Partnered heterosexual man
Looking to Become a sperm donor
Age: 42
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

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