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"I found the loveliest possible donor"

This email made us smile :)

My question really was how best to pass on my very heartfelt thanks to this website. At 41 years old and single I didn't know where to turn when I just knew I had to throw everything I had at having a baby. I found this website and after a few false starts I found the loveliest possible donor, a partnered gay man, in my own hometown. Because of the relaxed yet very honest nature of this site we were able to start a conversation via email, met in person and clicked straight away and I'm SO happy to relay that we are 20 weeks pregnant with a little boy! People ask how we met and we proudly tell them. My family are over the moon Thankyou SO much!! This website made the journey feel very natural, though obviously not without its challenges, but without it my little bump would not be here :)))

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