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Marcus28 Looking to Become a sperm donor in Mukilteo, Washington, United States

I'm married with two healthy and happy children. My health is great with perfect blood pressure, great cardiovascular fitness, and no diseases (I have a recent test available to prove it). I'm high intelligence with a masters degree in Aerospace Engineering. I was in the "gifted" program in school growing up. I enjoy a wide variety of hobbies, have been active in our children's school, and I design things for a living. My heritage is mostly French, English, German, and Czech. I have blond hair and sea-green eyes. We have a family history of longevity and good health with some great grandparents living to over 100.

I am donating to help out folks who cannot have children any other way. I understand about that since my dad is gay and some of his friends in the LGTBQ community relied on people who would donate. The other reason I am donating is that my wife has cancer and is not able to have children any longer. She supports me donating because she knows that I want to have more children.

I do not want to have significant contact with the child until after age 18 both to respect your relationship with the child and to protect my rights as a non-parent donor. I am open to sharing some family background and other information (e.g. family medical history) to help the child in and emergency and some basic biography to help them understand where they come from. I am also open to multiple donations over a period of time if you are looking for siblings.

Co-ParentMatch Username: Marcus28
Single heterosexual man
Looking to Become a sperm donor
Age: 37
Location: Mukilteo, Washington, United States 

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