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ANTHONY91 LOOKING TO BECOME A SPERM DONOR in Thousand Oaks, California, United States

Thought I could have it all before this; the wife, the kids, meaningful job and some kind of legacy that would out live me.

Things have changed in my life in that regard that have left me with the meaningful successful job and a quest to create that legacy in the form of business and charity in the near future.

However that doesn't fill the void of everything else, and even if I don't get to have the family I always wanted in this life while pursuing my dreams, then at least I can help others with theirs and in another way have a legacy of a different sort as well.

I'm old fashioned and prefer NI. I believe the energy, environment and intentions can affect a child subtly during conception and pregnancy. Enriching more than change a child's outcome I would say, but I'm still a bit of a romantic that way.

However in some cases medically or for personal reasons that is not best method and I of course respect that and am open to all methods of insemination.

I am not looking for heavily involved or full co-parenting at this time, as there are a lot of changes still going on right now.

However that could change after a year in general, or depending on the great connection between us parents or if somehow I were to meet on here the fantastic woman of my dreams who incidentally happens to be heading my way in life, then I'd be all in! lol

But seriously, keeping it real - the latter is not going to likely happen on a site such as this. :)

Ideally, I would love some involvement to a degree. Even if that is only being permitted for special events or doting from afar. Or perhaps allowed even more once I'm more fully anchored on my path and can provide quality time and focus.

All details of course I would love to discuss in person. If you have any questions please let me know.

Talk with you soon!

Age: 38
Location: Thousand Oaks, California, United States 

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