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South Korea Co-Parents Wanted

We are looking for a co-parenting group who ideally living together(or meet the child in a regular base) without romantic relationships (maybe a sperm donor? or ex partner) and co parent and raise a child together.

Currently we are making a 5 series of TV documentary series which is
called <My Big Questions> for SBS.

(SBS: Seoul Broadcasting System is one of biggest channels in South
Korea like ITV)

Here we would like to talk about the biggest issues in our life such as marriage, career (job), family and death etc.

In particular, we would like to search an alternative way to live and love, and found a fantastic concept, co-parenting.

We hope we could talk about co-parenting in our programme, therefore looking for some case studies in the UK, or possibly Europe.

If there is anybody willing to share their experiences with us? (Fee will be discussed)
If you could help, or you know someone could help us, please email at

[email protected]

Many thanks. Soo 

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