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 Considering co-parenting or donation with the right person. I expect you are particular in deciding who the right person is. (the following is some descriptive bragging, which is not what I normally do).

I was very athletic and bright growing up and was always interested in languages and cultures. I have a job that challenges my mind and I work out regularly.

I am a warm, calm person who is passionate about family and friends. I believe in fairness and equality of women and men and my work and volunteering relate to these principles. I have enjoyed the company and friendship of strong women in my life and any woman who looks here is likely quite self-assured. This is an interesting bit of modern day tech to help decide who to make a child with.

I enjoy intellectual challenge and sometimes pushing myself physically. I am in very good health. I have blond hair, blue eyes, am about 5'11" with a normal weight. I completed a marathon but specialized in high jump and sprinting in high school and I often went to my City high school finals in such events. From DNA, I know I have the sprinter's gene and a chance of red hair, among other fun findings. My physique was that of a slim sprinter with very broad shoulders for my height and similar now with a few pounds added. I have not gained much weight over the years as I eat well and continue to work out. I have a second cousin twice removed in a professional sports league in North America, but I must admit I only share some DNA with him.

I have no significant health issues. I have never taken illegal drugs and take no prescription or other drug regularly. I do not smoke and only drink socially. A common advertised DNA test also showed I had no major health issue from DNA they test. My immediate ancestors had no major or common illness before old age and 65 or 70, my grandmothers lived past their mid 70s and my grandfathers lived past 90. I am above average in looks but not a model. I have a fairly common look and have been mistaken for other people more than anyone I know. Maybe it's the hair colour and face shape. From one angle, I look like a certain guy in movies. I may post more fun photos later.

I do not define myself by these: I have over 3 degrees with high marks, work as a professional and qualified for Mensa before high school (top 2% IQ). I speak and read French very well for work sometimes and basic Spanish for travel. A very bit of German and Chinese. I have been told by native speakers that my French, Spanish and German accent is quite good for an English speaker. Though not perfect, I am fairly good in learning and pronouncing languages. Half of one of my degrees was in French (not a French degree, other subjects). I took a few years of organ lessons and was an extra in 2 professional operas.

I regularly volunteer to help low income people and serve on a board for indigenous people. If possible, would like to share my good life with a child, especially play, games, learning, the outdoors, languages, culture and travel. I am comfortable with other cultures and races. I am open to various levels of involvement with a child's life, perhaps including very little or maybe only as a sperm donor. Thanks for reading.

Age: 46
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 

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