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5 Examples of Gay Men Looking to Become a Sperm Donor

When I launched Co-ParentMatch.com back in 2007 I thought it would be a great alternative option to a sperm bank, in particular, for gay men to become dads. Meeting a match online, donating sperm and either becoming a known sperm donor or on the other hand not involved in your child’s life at all. I was surprised to find out, following a recent survey in 2017 that just 8% of our members where gay men.

Do Gay Men Want to Become Sperm Donors?

Why are so few gay men donating sperm? Is it because gay men are not interested in fatherhood or the idea of sperm donation does not appeal to them?

Perhaps there are lots of gay men already being snapped up by their female friends to donate sperm so there is no need to go searching for a recipient online.

Become a dad through sperm donation

Gay men helping their best female friend become pregnant is nothing new however the introduction of a website like Co-ParentMatch.com changed the face of sperm donation, bringing known donors to the forefront of the world of artificial insemination. Many sperm banks now offer known donor programs where you can take your male friend along to your local clinic to have him make a donation in preparation for treatments such as IUI or IVF.

Five Examples of Gay Sperm Donors

We have taken a look at five of our most recent gay male sperm donor profiles to see why gay men are donating.

Example 1

“I am a single gay man and I'd love to have a child with a woman who lives near by, or within a reasonable distance of London, and who wants the dad to be actively involved in the child's life. I am happy to consider different parenting roles from just part-time up to 50/50 co-parenting but I definitely do want to be regularly involved as a hands-on parent.” UK

Example 2

“Single, gay male looking for the right person to possibly coparent with or donate sperm to. I'm more of a career driven person and don't have the overall desire to find a life partner to have children with and feel that co-parenting or simply donating would be ideal for me. I am open to having contact with the potential child but also am willing to have no contact. This is something that we can discuss.” Canada

Example 3

“Caribbean background, educated, 5'9 and brown skin. Indian ethnicity, who would love a mixed kid. Lots of love to give. Would love to have one or up to three kids. Want to be actively involved in their life/ lives, contribute financially, and just be a parent in every way.” USA

Example 4

“Hi, we are a gay couple. A quebecois and I. I moved to Montreal 9 years ago and I was born in Brazil. I want to find a woman (or lesbian couple) interested in co-parenting. I did a genetic test that told me I am 57% European, 31% African, 9% Amerindian and 3% 'others', if that matters to you :). I have a degree in Computer Science and also speak French fluently. I was raised a Catholic in a traditional South American family who valued solidarity, empathy and hard work. I am now agnostic. I have pursued and fulfilled professional and personal goals during my entire life and now I feel ready to dedicate myself to raising a child. If that sounds good to you, do not hesitate to contact me! :)”. Canada

Example 5

“Gay male couple, happy to have occasional contact but not active parenting role. Into meditation and mindfulness, health. Love good humour and lightheartedness.” Australia

From single gay men to gay couples, there is a shift towards fatherhood. Could sperm donation be an option for you?

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