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How quickly can you find a sperm donor and get pregnant?

I received the following success story today from a member called Stacy and made me think about pregnancy success rates with sperm donors using home insemination. In my job I hear of positive news every week from members who have become pregnant using donor sperm however it appears the trend of successful insemination is on the rise.

lesbian pregnancy with a sperm donor

"Hi, I just wanted to thank you for creating this site, I joined as a standard user November last year, upgraded my account in January and found the perfect donor within a week. I'm now 5 weeks pregnant with my first child. If it wasn't for co-parentmatch.com my dream of becoming a mum would never have come true. THANK YOU"

Home insemination is a preferred choice

Choosing your method of insemination is very much a personal choice. Home insemination with a sperm donor is certainly the preferred choice of Co-parentmatch.com members and it brings its share of success stories. Women choose this method as it is inexpensive and enables the insemination process to be performed at your own pace in a place of comfort.

Alethea in Winnipeg, Canada recently told us:

"I met someone within a few days of being on co-parentmatch. I got pregnant on the first try. My baby is now 17 months old. I am hoping to try again soon I hope I find the same luck second time around. Co-parentmatch is an amazing site.

Wow, thanks for says we are amazing but more importantly Alethea got pregnant on her first try. You may think this is luck however we hear this all of the time. Here is another first time pregnancy success story from Frederique:

"We found a donor and were able to conceive one child via home insemination on the first month of trying! Our donor is open to helping us for the next (and last) child but we will change this if we need help again. Thank you for considering being a donor! "

A relaxed environment

For those lucky enough to have good levels of fertility and not needing to go through an assisted fertility treatment process, home insemination can offer a much more relaxed alternative to IVF and IUI. It is essential you ensure your donor is fertile enough to get you pregnant and carries no infectious diseases. If you do not have treatment through a clinic checking your donors health is your responsibility. Do not take chances.

Imagine getting this next success story on an email. This is exactly what happened a few years back and put a huge smile on all of our faces.

"Hi would just like to say that we have been successful in finding the perfect donor.. and after the first attempt we were successful...We would both like to say thankyou to our donor without you our dream would still be a dream but now its reality. Thank you for making our dream come true UPDATE... Well our baby girl was due 12 nov but decided 2 come 3 weeks early... Aleisha was born 24/10/09 she is now 10 weeks old and we are loving every minute of being mums 2 are beautiful little girl. caz and kelly xx UPDATE: Our little girl is now 2 years old and we are planning to have another one this year with the same donor :) UPDATE 2012: Success we are expecting our 2nd baby :) UPDATE; Our two beautiful daughters are now nearly 5 & 8 carrieann2655".

Of course not everyone will get pregnant first time however these stories will give you hope for early success in your journey to become a parent. Good luck to everyone trying for a baby. 

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