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Here's what your perfect sperm looks like

We took a look at what factors women are searching for when choosing their sperm donor.

In a selection process on Co-parentmatch you can choose a donor based on physical factors such as hair and eye colour, height, body shape and ethnic origin.

Sperm donors can also be selected by religion, marital status, profession, blood group and preferred level of contact with the child from no involvement to co-parenting.

It was really interesting to see the most popular type of sperm donor our female members are searching for. We thought you may be interested in taking a look too so here are the results:

Your perfect sperm donor is:

A single heterosexual man
He is Caucasian
He's Single
He is a good Christian boy
He has Brown hair and Brown eyes

So what famous men could fit into these categories?

To give us an idea of what your perfect sperm donor looks like in real life tell us on Twitter which celebrities you know of who tick all the above categories? #MyPerfectSpermDonor

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5 Simple Ways to Help you Choose Your Sperm Donor:

  1. Decide if you want to know and meet your sperm donor
  2. If you choose to use an anonymous donor ensure you select sperm that is eligible to be released to your country of residence
  3. Check the level of sperm motility you are using
  4. Ensure your sperm donor has completed a health & fertility screening process
  5. Consider what personal elements are important to you e.g.looks, personality, interests.

Finding yourself in a situation where you are trying to get pregnant using a sperm donor and deciding how to go about conceiving a child may not be something you had planned. As Co-ParentMatch members grow every year, choosing a sperm donor, regardless of the reason, has become more socially and medically acceptable, but again, the question is still how do you choose the right sperm donor?

Choosing the Sperm Bank

Knowing where you are going to go for your fertility treatment is one thing, but choosing the sperm bank which is going to help you select through all of the different applicants is going to be a large chunk of the battle. There are things that you should keep an eye out for and watch when it comes to choosing the right sperm bank. When you go in to a sperm bank ask these questions:

What is the basis of their application process for donors?
Do they have any outstanding legal issue unresolved?
Limit of matches per donor/recipient?
Are you comfortable with the staff and environment?
What is the CMV Status of my sperm donor?

When choosing the sperm bank this is not something you are going to want to do overnight, or in your first visit, look and see what your options are, and interview more than one location, discuss this with your partner, and take the time to make a sound decision before choosing the bank that will hold your sperm donation.

When using a sperm bank meeting your donor face to face is not possible. Some sperm banks will show sperm donors with pictures.

Donors will provide baby photos and some will also have pictures of sperm donors during their teenaged or adult years. This will give you an idea of what genes your baby will inherit.

You can meet a sperm donor face to face by using co-parentmatch.com .This will give you the opportunity to ask questions, observe habits, physical and mental stats, and overall, gives you the chance to see into the future.

See the potential traits you would be giving your unborn child.


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