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2018 Transgender Baby Boom

The Rise of Transgender Families

As we enter 2018 I will be interested to see if the trend of transgender families continues to grow in the same rapid fashion it took off in 2017.

 Sperm donors offering to help FTM transgender people 

Week after week we are seeing sperm donors offering to help FTM transgender people become parents. This year we could see the first transgender baby boom resulting from sperm donations that took place in 2017. In January to June 2017 Co-ParentMatch.com saw a 50% increase in the number of transgender people looking to start a family.

Transgender man looking for a sperm donor on a laptop

Mummy or Daddy?

With 93% of transgender members being FTM there is a significant trend of transgender people giving birth and then becoming daddies. Many transgender men have no intention of becoming a mother to their child despite giving birth as they see their role as a father. The majority of transgender members are in a stable relationship and can offer a loving environment to raise their children.

Where do transgnder families come from?

There are a lot of trans members looking for sperm donors in UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Gender is a huge topic right now with terms like 'gender neutral' appearing in the media on a daily basis. Communities are much more gender aware now then they were several years ago. Acceptance of gender issues still has a long way to go for many people however what we can safely say is that trans people are carrying on with their lives and creating happy families.

How do I donate sperm to trans men?

The sperm donation process is very simple. There are 3 options to become a sperm donor:
1) Donate sperm through a sperm bank.
2) Donate sperm through a private arrangement to a friend.
3) Donate sperm through a sperm donor matching service such as Co-ParentMatch.com

Option 1 of becoming a sperm donor at a sperm bank means that anonymity laws come in to play and your identity will not be known to your children until they reach 18 years of age.

Donating sperm through a private arrangement means you are free to set out your terms about your level of involvement. You may wish to consider a sperm donor agreement to ensure that all parties agree on what happens post conception.

Choosing to become a sperm donor through a sperm donation website enables you to register an account for free, add a profile and search for people looking for a sperm donor. Co-parentmatch enables you to clearly set out your level of donor involvement from no involvement to co-parenting.

If you are considering becoming a sperm donor then take a tour of your options and have a look at your potential matches waiting for you right now. 


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