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Recruiting Black Sperm Donors Right Now

Recruiting Black Sperm Donors Now

Black and mixed race sperm donors are in high demand. We took a look at our search terms for visitors to Co-parentmatch.com in January 2018 and were really struck by the high volume of women searching for black sperm donors. The problem is currently there are not enough black sperm donors to satisfy the demand of females looking for sperm donation.

Black sperm donor

We are driving a recruitment process to get more black and mixed race men to sign up and become a sperm donor. In modern day terms sperm donors can meet their female match in person and arrange their chosen method of insemination. Methods for getting pregnant range from home insemination, artificial insemination at a clinic, or, in some circumstances, sexual intercourse.


Most men can donate sperm. If you are fit and healthy and aged at least 18 years old you can become a sperm donor. The sperm you donate is a very special gift to women who are looking to become pregnant through sperm donation. Many happy families would not be able to experience the joy of parenthood if sperm donors had not generously made a donation.


Single Women and Lesbian Couples looking for a sperm donor

The majority of women looking for sperm donors are single and looking to become pregnant without entering a relationship. Also, record numbers of lesbian couples are starting families through finding a known sperm donor. Imagine if you are a black woman specifically looking for a black sperm donor only to find that most of the profiles you view are of Caucasian men. This can be a distressing situation. We need more black men to consider giving this amazing gift of life and offering happiness to so many women striving to become a mother.

Single woman with a sperm donor baby

How to become a sperm donor

You can register at Co-parentmatch.com if you wish to meet the woman whom you are donating sperm to. If you prefer anonymous donation you can register at your local sperm bank. Donating through a sperm bank means that all of your health and fertility checks will be taken care of as part of the donation process. Donating through a sperm donation website means that you are solely responsible for checking you have no transmittable diseases and also checking that your sperm is healthy and can achieve pregnancy.


Sperm donor pay

Donating though a sperm bank means that you can receive payment for your sperm. Some sperm banks in the USA pay up to $1000 for men to donate sperm 3 times per week.


Before you see dollar signs flashing in front of your eyes you need to know that donating through a private agreement means you cannot accept payment. Donors can receive contribution towards costs such as travel expenses and will be paid when donating through a sperm bank based on this type of expenses.

The legal position for sperm donors

  • If you donate your sperm through a fertility clinic you will not be classed as the child’s legal father and will not have parental responsibility.
  • If you donate to a single woman via home insemination you are very likely to have legal parental responsibility to the child. The woman who is carrying the baby can choose either the sperm donor or the partner to be named on the birth certificate.
  • If you donate to a married couple (lesbian or heterosexual) via home insemination there is a chance that you could have legal parental responsibility to the child. However in most cases if the woman who is giving birth is married the couple are automatically protected and the partner will be legally classed as a parent.


If you are a black man considering sperm donation then please add a profile. You will be inundated with responses from women who are really interested in discussing you becoming a sperm donor.


black sperm donors recruitment poster

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