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Documentary Project on Sperm Donors

My name is Madeline Swainhart and I am studying photography at the Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, Netherlands.


I am busy with a Documentary project dealing with the topic of Sperm Donors. I am a lesbian myself, and motherhood is my biggest dream for my life. When I discovered my sexual orientation I becameworried about the restrictions I would face. 


I have decided to use this project as a form of research for myself. In hopes that connecting with mothers who have used sperm donors, sperm donor babies, and the sperm donors themselves I will see this option as an opportunity rather than a fear.


I am in search of mothers who have experience with using sperm donors, children of sperm donors, and any sperm donors themselves. I would be interested in both interview, and if you are located nearby (Den Haag) I can travel to meet you and be able to make a portrait of you.


If you are on of these, and willing to become apart of my project please contact me by email: [email protected] or whatsapp: +12142501964 or my dutch number (non whatsapp): 0636119779

Thank you, Madeline Swainhart

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