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" A few attempts at home insemination before finally getting that positive test result"

Another great success story from a very happy Co-ParentMatch.com member.


Thanks to Gavin for taking the time to write to us and share his great story.



I was about to delete my account online when I noticed the note about you liking to hear about success stories.

My partner and I met with a lesbian couple back in 2015. On 12 March 2017, little Nathan was born! We had a few attempts at home insemination that didn’t work before finally getting that positive test result!

My partner and I now have our own sons born via surrogacy in America. The girls have since moved back to Taiwan but, despite the miles between us, we will do our best to raise all three boys as brothers.

We regularly share updates and pictures on our Facebook group and they plan to visit us later this year which will be the first time all three boys will meet each other - exciting!

Thanks to Co-ParentMatch for bringing us together!

Regards Gavin

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