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Wealthy Women Turning to Sperm Donor Meet and Greet Services

Sperm Donor Meet and Greet

It has been well documented recently that women who do not have the funds to afford to buy sperm from a sperm bank and have artificial insemination treatments turn to online sperm donors to help them conceive. What we are witnessing here at Co-ParentMatch.com is an upturn in the number of professional wealthy women who are turning their backs on sperm banks and opting for personal online sperm donor meet and greet services.

Woman with cash looking for sperm donor online

Essentially these are women who are highly qualified. Women who are in well paid jobs making an informed decision not to spend thousands of dollars shopping for sperm from a sperm bank and going through invasive IVF treatment. Instead this option means searching for a sperm donor online from as little as $10 and then meeting him in person.

Methods of Insemination

From this point forwards each woman and her sperm donor can arrange their chosen method of insemination. For many women who find a sperm donor online home insemination is the most popular method to achieving a pregnancy. It is cheap, fast and highly effective. Of course you must ensure that the donor has healthy sperm and no STI’s. Home insemination kits and fertility tests can be bought for less than a pint of milk.

specimen cup home insemination

Choosing a sperm donor online means there are no waiting lists. With the current national sperm donor shortage crisis not showing any signs of improvement more and more women and couples are turning to online sperm donors. They can log in, browse through an online catalogue of thousands of sperm donors including photographs and biography and then send a message to their favourites.


Finding a positive match with the potential father of your child is a very exciting moment. At this point within a sperm bank process the shopper would add the donor’s sperm to their basket and go to the checkout for anything in the region of $500. Of course you would know for sure that the sperm has been tested and treated and ready to be shipped to a clinic for your insemination. With an online sperm donor process this point would trigger you to send a message to your match requesting a meeting in person.


Meeting your potential sperm donor for the first time can be exciting and nerve racking. You have seen his pictures, you have read his profile and you have spoken via messages. You may think he is ‘the one’. Indeed if you were shopping at a sperm bank you would have his sperm in your basket by now and be whizzing through checkout. Meeting in person can be a whole different experience. A little like going on a first date, sometimes an online profile does not live up to expectation. When you meet your potential donor you will know whether they are the right man to help you create a baby. Even though a sperm donor may play no part in the child’s upbringing it is unlikely that you will select his sperm if you do not like the man himself. It is interesting to think that had you judged the donor on his profile alone without meeting him you would have already ordered his sperm and be heading for insemination. When a meeting with a sperm donor does go well you can then arrange to have your donor tested. He may be perfect in every way but is his sperm good enough to get you pregnant? Does he have any diseases that he could pass on through insemination? These are factors that without fail you need to address and insist upon test results. The process of testing your donor can be done extremely quickly. When you have the all clear you can choose to pay for IVF treatment meaning your donor would have to donate through a clinic. This process can take up to a year by the time the testing phase and freeze/thaw is completed. Home insemination can be started straight away by pinpointing your fertile days and purchasing a home insemination kit.


For many women who find the perfect sperm donor it’s all about how fast can I get pregnant? We would always advise that it is not about how fast you can pregnant but how safely. Going through a fertility clinic is the safest way to become pregnant using donor sperm. Fertility clinics are now offering known donor services meaning they welcome you to take along a sperm donor. Whichever method you choose we wish you luck in your parenting journey.

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