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What qualifications does a sperm donor need?

What qualifications does a sperm donor need?

Sperm Donor Qualifications

What qualifications do you need to become a sperm donor?

sperm donor studying

A sperm donor does not have to any specified academic qualifications however if you are thinking of donating at a sperm bank then there are requirements for sperm donor selection.

Donor at a sperm bank will only be pass the selection process if you are:

- At least 5'8'' tall
- Between 19 and 38 years old
- Sexual partners are exclusively female
- Currently attending or have graduated from college
- Are in good health

With an online sperm donor matching service:

- There ae no height requirements
- There are no age stipulations
- You can be a gay sperm donor
- You do not have to have passed college.
- You do have to be in good health.

Let’s take a look at what current sperm donors are studying.

You may think from reading the above requirements that online sperm donor matching websites are a free for all. Quite the opposite, you will see by doing as sperm donor search that men looking to become donors come in all different shapes and sizes.

Online sperm donor websites feature the following types of men:

- Mainly above 5ft 8 but some are smaller in height
- A growing number of men over the age of 40 are looking to become donors
- Gay men who want to become a father but cannot register with a sperm bank
- Men who do not have formal academic qualifications but have successful careers

If you take a second to think of a man who is a great father or a man that has passed on amazing genes. Could it be a case that the man you are thinking of may not have passed the test to donate at a sperm bank?

With online sperm donor websites they feature real men in the real world. If someone is 5ft 7 and a half it does mean that their sperm is not worthy of creating life.

Women get the opportunity to browse sperm donor catalogues, shortlist profiles they like, prioritise their favourites and message donors who they feel would be compatible with them. Instead of then buying sperm they would meet their sperm donor face to face and see how they get on. When a great match is formed then it’s time to ensure the sperm donor is disease free and has super healthy sperm.

What jobs do sperm donors do?

sperm donor profession

Sperm donors come from all walks of life. Browsing through a free online sperm donor catalogue you will see the range of professions that men do.

On Co-ParentMatch.com men are asked to specify their job industry.

Here are the top 5 career industries for sperm donors:

1) Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
2) Health Science
3) Architecture and Construction Architecture and Construction
4) Finance
5) Education & Training Education

What qualifications do you want your sperm donor to have?

For some women the academic qualifications or career of a sperm donor is important. Woman looking for sperm donors also like to know about any specific talents donors have. For example a lot of women like their donors to be sporty or creative.

Choosing a donor who loves to play sport does not necessarily guarantee that your child will also love sport however it is a factor that affects the selection process.

When adding sperm to your cart on a sperm bank website it is unusual to see adult photographs of your donor so women will consider factors such as hair colour, eye colour, height, ethnicity and profession. When searching for a donor on a matching website women will look at the donor’s photograph before proceeding to the biography section.

It is interesting to think where looks feature when compared to profession and hobbies.

How would you prioritize your sperm donor selection?

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