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"I've helped someone I met through this site"

A Happy Sperm Donor

We love hearing from happy sperm donors. Thanks to Will for posting a great update to all the women who would love him to become a sperm donor. Congratulations on the pregnancy and best wishes to all involved.

If you are a guy who would love to experience the joy of helping a woman become pregnant then Register with us now and see which women are in your city waiting for a sperm donation. Just think one donation from you could be all it takes to bring joy and happiness in to someone’s life.

A happy sperm donor giving thumbs up

What a great guy this sperm donor is.

"Hi there. I was inspired to become a donor after I learned that a friend missed out on having children because she couldn't find a donor before medical issues prevented her from having a baby. That eventually led to me becoming a donor.

My wife and I have three healthy sons. I'm willing to donate, preferably through some form of AI method. I donated through IVF Australia a few years ago in NSW, resulting in the birth of two healthy baby girls and two healthy boys. I'm not seeking access or co-parenting, but would like to know some basic details and a photo every few years of any child born.

I am fairly fit for my age, I have annual comprehensive medical checks for my job, I am easy going, I did very well in school and I've had full employment ever since completing my schooling. I speak two languages other than English and am well travelled.

I've never smoked or done drugs, and I rarely drink. If I'm not what you're looking for, I hope you find someone to help you start your family. Message me if you're genuinely interested though.

Update - I've helped someone I met through this site in 2017 to have a baby which is pretty awesome. I'm not 100% sure if I will help anyone else at the moment, though if you really think I might be right for you then you can message me".

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