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My Sperm Donor is a Dog Person

My Sperm Donor is a Dog Person


When choosing a sperm donor you may think that factors such as ethnicity, hair/eye colour, height and education would be high on the agenda. However did you know that women searching for sperm donors also look for men who are either a dog person or a cat person?

A dog and cat sat next to each other


- We know that people are separated into categories of dog owners vs. cat owners, but did you know that women choose sperm donors based on this factor?

- A sperm donor’s pet preference can give an insight into his personality and lifestyle, from exercising to annual income.

- A dog owning sperm donor is likely to be earning a good wage whereas a cat owner will be more creative.

A Sperm Donor who is an Animal Lover

Women looking to have a baby through a sperm donor think that it is important that the father of their child is into the same animals as them. Laugh you may, but in the real world we usually are attracted to those who take interest in the same pets as us. It can be considered a socially unacceptable question to ask but it really is important to some people.

A man carry a cat in his arms

Whether you are looking for a date or hiring an employee asking the question “are you a dog or cat person” is more frequently asked than you may think. Some women are weary or suspicious of a sperm donor who does not like pets. It is a factor that divides people and when your perfect sperm donor comes along and suddenly announces that he is a puppy hater you may have to go back to the drawing board.


Sperm donors who are dog owners perhaps are more likely to lead an outdoorsy day to day life through dog walking, they are friendly and enthusiastic. Cat owners have to work for their pet’s attention and that is the way they like it. They often prefer those quiet evenings at home without a slobbering dog at their feet.

For Creative Sperm Donors Choose a Cat Owner

There are many studies that have been performed comparing dog and cat owners. Studies have found that dog owners tend to earn a higher wage and like to spend more money than cat people. Cat owners are said to be more creative and enjoy travelling. So if you want a well-travelled artist as a sperm donor then go for a cat owner. If you want a finance savvy, sporty hunk then go for a dog guy.


It is interesting to think that if you have searched online for your perfect sperm donor, found someone who meets all of your requirements and then you ask him one simple question. Are you a dog or cat person? Your sperm donor gives the wrong answer and he is swiped off your chart forever.

A man carrying a dog in his back pack


Whether you care about felines or love your pooch Co-ParentMatch.com is recruiting all animal loving sperm donors NOW!

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