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When having your own kids is not enough

When having your own kids is not enough

I read an interesting an endearing profile this week of a sperm donor in Canada who has "two gorgeous and gifted boys". However, he wishes he can still have more children. As this is unlikely to happen in his current relationship he is willing to become a sperm donor to help others conceive. This donor considers this "A gift I would be privileged to offer."

sperm donor holding baby boy

Choosing a Sperm Donor

If you are in the position of choosing a sperm donor it must be a wonderful bonus to know that your donor has firstly successfully achieved pregnancy and his offspring are thriving. It is also wonderful to learn that there are men who are willing to donate sperm for altruistic reasons.

For some men who may have experienced a relationship break down and don’t get to see their kids or have limited contact; sperm donation can be a great option to fulfil those feelings of producing life and bringing eternal happiness.

No Contact Donors

Sperm donors can be ‘no contact donors’ or can be involved in the child’s life at some level. Predominantly women are looking for sperm donors who want no involvement in the child’s life. They want sperm, they want to get pregnant and they want to get on with their life. For other women it is important to have minimal contact with their donor; provide him with occasional updates and have him in their list of contacts should any questions arise from the child in the future.

For men who have already raised children it could perhaps be difficult to be a no contact donor i.e. hand over you sperm to never be seen or heard from again. Would there be burning questions and thoughts on the comparisons between the children you have raised in your family and those who have never met you?

The good thing is, as a sperm donor, you can find like-minded women who are looking for the services you are offering. So, if you want to be a no contact donor or a known donor; you can find a match that is perfect for you and agree a sperm donor contract.

If you already have kids and are still looking to spread your seed then take a look at who you could be matched with in your city or region. Completing a sperm donor profile is simple and matches can be found at the click of a button using our sophisticated search tool. What are you waiting for? 

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