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5 of the Best Sperm Donors in Australia.

5 of the Best Sperm Donors in Australia

There are plenty of sperm banks across Australia recruiting sperm donors to meet the demand from women looking to conceive through sperm donation.

Sperm donation in Australia is big business with a vial of sperm costing in the region of $1000.

Sperm donor pay cash in hand

Getting Selected to Become a Sperm Donor

For sperm donors the odds of getting selected to donate sperm are very slim. If you pass all of the physical requirements such as height, hair colour and ethnicity there is a long way to go before getting your sperm donor pay. To reduce the risk of passing on HIV and other STI's, sperm must be frozen for at least six months and the donor then has to be tested again. That's a long wait for your pay cheque.

Two Sperm Samples per Week for $1500

Recruited sperm donors can produce 2 samples per week and some can make around $1500 per month. You will be asked to donate for an initial period of at least 6 months. You will certainly get used to your surroundings at your local sperm bank which will generally be a small, comfortable room with a selection of pornography.

Who's the Daddy?

Generally speaking sperm donors remain anonymous until the child reaches 18 years of age. However, with modern genetic testing, social media and curious teenagers, sperm donor fathers are being traced much earlier than the age of 18.

Find a Sperm Donor Online

Of course, if you don’t wish to donate sperm at a sperm bank you can choose an onlne sperm donor matching service. Websites such as Co-ParentMatch.com will match you with real women in your area who are looking to become pregnant through sperm donation. You will meet your sperm donor face to face and arrange your chosen method of insemination.

Here are 5 sperm donors currently donating outside of sperm banks across Australia:


Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
Hi. I'm fit and healthy, have full med screening. I'm 6"2, single, never married, no kids. I would be really glad to donate to the right person/ people.




Baxter, Victoria
Genuine, honest, healthy mature minded man looking to donate sperm and in doing so helping another/others to achieve their personal goal of becoming a parent .
Must be willing to get to know each other, to assess if we are both happy in going ahead with making a child.
Looking for educated mature minded female/s who will take parenting seriously. Would also prefer that they have good family support.
Would like the child / children to know who I am . Wish to See them occasionally and for them to know I am their biological father.
Feel free to ask any questions., I'm here to help, so why not contact me and see how things go.
Only looking at help one person or couple.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Genuine, honest, healthy smart minded man looking to donate sperm and help/gift another to achieve their goal of becoming a parent.
I'm well educated and work in a professional occupation.
Must be willing to get to know each other first, to assess if we are both understand and happy in going ahead with the process.
Looking for educated mature minded person who will take parenting seriously. Would also prefer they have good family support.
Only looking at doing this as a one off for a person or couple. Feel free to ask any questions.



Elizabeth, South Australia
I'm looking forward to helping a couple fulfil their dreams of becoming a parent. I have a lot to offer the right couple. I'm open to further discussion on any aspect of future dealings. Please feel free to make contact and lets see if we would be a suitable match



Melbourne, Victoria
Im Hoss. I am pretty relaxed and I think every person/couple should be able to have kids. Hopefully I can help the right one. I don't think you can really tell much about someone from the profile pages. If I spark your interest, feel free to reach out and I'd be more then happy to have a chat.

Become a sperm donor today.

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