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5 Single Heterosexual Women Looking for Sperm Donors

5 Single Women Looking for Sperm Donors

Single women who desperately want a baby are not hanging around waiting for Mr Right. Thousands of women are taking matters into their own hands and searching online for a sperm donor.

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For many women the ticking of your biological clock is always there, every so quietly, in the background. You carry on with life, working, socialising and dating. On the lookout for a husband or wife, a partner with whom to raise a family. When you reach a certain age the sound of your biological clock starts banging ever so loudly. You cannot escape it. The fact that you have not met your perfect match does make that ticking clock stop, in fact, the tick tock begins to drown out every other noise.

Wanting a baby is something you can ever escape

Wanting a baby is not a feeling you can ever escape. Some women will accept that they have not met a partner and will not have children. However, more and more women are demonstrating that finding a partner is not the end of the fertility road. It’s a whole new beginning.

Find a Sperm Donor Instead of a Date

The processes of finding a sperm donor instead of a partner are not too dissimilar. You search online for a sperm donor, look at profiles of men with whom you feel a connection, you meet your donor in person, get to know them and then create a baby. The last element of making the baby may not be as much fun as with a partner that you love but it is still a very exciting and ever so special time.

We’ve taken at look at 5 single women who are currently looking for sperm donors on Co-ParentMatch.com

Age: 40
Location: Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
I’m 40 years old and prefer an independent lifestyle but would love to experience motherhood.

Age: 24
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
I have always known I want to be a mom and have been working on setting my life up in a way where being a mom (single or otherwise) is possible. I have a general plan set up but keeping in mind that I know mom life never goes exactly as planned. I look forward to hearing from you! (Please know what your stipulations are this whole process.)

Age: 45
Oxnard, California, United States
Single 45 y.o. single woman, 1/2 Black 1/2 Creole looking for healthy, smart White sperm donor preferably Scandinavian / Northern European (or French Canadian/Acadian or Cajun) tall w/ light colored eyes to make a pretty biracial baby (probably through ivf) while I still have a few eggs left.

Age: 31
Albany, Auckland, New Zealand
I'm a single woman looking for a donor. I would like for my offspring to have some ongoing contact with any donor and for them to be a sort of uncle/family friend role. I am wanting to be the sole provider and guardian of any offspring. I am considering AI at home or IUI through a clinic.

I would love to hear from you if you think we might make a good match.

Age: 41
Location: Drummoyne/Sydney, Australia
Healthy, fit, sociable, sporty & successful, never touched drugs, social drinker. Clear medical history (my grandma is 96). Huge support network of family & close friends.
Light Eye Colour, White / Olive skin tone. Flexible with some level of involvement / no involvement.

If you are a single woman who wants a baby then you can explore the option of sperm donation whether it be a known donor, anonymous donor or perhaps a co-parent. You can search online and see what matches are in your area.

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