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The Sperm Donor Spectrum

What type of sperm donor are you?

If you have chosen to be a sperm donor you will need to take a minute to think about what type of sperm donor you are.

There are essentially 4 types of sperm donor:

1) Anonymous Sperm Donor
2) No Contact Sperm Donor
3) Known Sperm Donor
4) Co-Parent

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The decision starts with whether you want to be involved in your child’s life. It is best to think hard and make that decision before any form of insemination takes place.

The decision should be discussed and agree with the birth mother and any applicable partners. Changing your mind on how involved you want to be after the birth of your child can get messy in both an emotional and legal sense.

Getting this decision right carries a lot of importance.

4 Types of Sperm Donor

1) Anonymous Sperm Donor

Becoming an anonymous sperm donors starts with donation through sperm bank. Your identity would not be released until the child reaches 18 years of age.

As a sperm donor you should be fully aware before donating of your rights and responsibilities as a donor which can vary greatly depending on how your child is conceived e.g. home insemination or artificial insemination through a clinic.


2) No Contact Sperm Donor

A no contact donor has no involvement in your child’s life. You may choose to share your identity with your child and his/her parents. As your child grows up he or she will have questions about their biological father. Sharing some simple facts about you can mean an awful lot to a child.


3) Known Sperm Donor

As a known sperm donor you will be known to your child and involved through regular updates and perhaps some contact.

A known sperm donor can be a friend or someone you meet on a site such as co-parentmatch.com. Your donor can then either simply be known to the child by names, photo’s etc… or they can have an involvement in the child’s upbringing depending on what is agreed between both parties.


4) Co-Parent

Being a co-parent means that you will be fully involved in your child’s life in a parental role.

A Co-Parenting arrangement usually involves both the birth mother and paternal father raising a child jointly based on a co-parenting agreement.

Co-Parenting can involve differing amounts of access for both parents. Often the child will live with the birth mother and the father will have access rights seeing the child on an agreed schedule e.g. weekends, special occasions.

In some cases both parents will live in close proximity to each other and will share custody on an ad hoc basis.


At Co-ParentMatch.com there are many types of sperm donor covering the whole spectrum.

The Sperm Donor Spectrum infographic

Here are three quotes from an anonymous sperm donor, a known donor and a co-parent:

“I am happy donating sperm anonymously knowing I have provided a family with immense happiness”


“I would love to know what my child looks like and what milestones they achieve although I don’t want to be involved in the day to day parenting.”


“I want to be there every step of the way in my journey as a parent”


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