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5 Lesbian Couples Looking for Sperm Donors in Victoria, Australia

5 Lesbian Couples Looking for Sperm Donors in Victoria, Australia

There is a buzz around the lesbian community in the Australian state of Victoria. Record numbers of lesbian women are seeking to become pregnant through sperm donation.

Getting pregnant in a same-sex relationship is nothing new however this year in 2018 we have seen a unprecedented rise in the number of lesbian women finding sperm donors and becoming pregnant.

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No to One Night Hook Ups

Lesbian couples of course are not looking for one night hook ups with men. They are predominantly finding a great sperm donor match on the internet and using techniques such as artificial insemination at their local clinic. More often then not women prefer the cheaper and successful option of home insemination.

With Australia being such a vast country it is very difficult to find a sperm donor by any other means than an online matching service. Using an online donor search can bring up results right on your doorstep. There could be a wiling sperm donor living down your street.

We took a look at 5 lesbian couples in the state of Victoria to see what type of sperm donors they were looking for.

Couple No.1

Location: Thomastown, Victoria, Australia

Hello, my partner and myself have been together for 3 years and 100%
ready to start a family. We are looking for AI only. We own our own house and both work full time. Feel free to chat :) thanks

Couple No.2

Location: Werribee, Victoria, Australia

My name is Amanda, my partner is Deb. We have been together for 7 years.
We have a 9 year old boy together whom my partner conceived and wishing
to add to our family.

Couple No.3

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Hi there, my wife and I are looking for a donor to help our dream come true. We don’t need or want a daddy but would love to meet a great guy to become our baby’s donor. We are both professional, healthy and financially secure. Please get in touch if you’re open to having a chat.

Thanks, Rhia & Claire xx

Couple No.4

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

We are a young couple ready to start a family together.
We are happy to discuss anything via private message.
We hope to find a sperm donor, with dark features (e.g. brunette/ dark
skin/ dark eyes etc)
Look forward to hearing from you soon,
Thank you so much

Couple No.5

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

We are Maya and Kayke, a happy couple who are 35 and 40 years old.

Kayke- I am a civil engineer and this has been my career for the last 15 years. I enjoy flying remote control airplanes, running, and skiing. I read and and love nature too. I love life and strongly believe in living life to the fullest and giving back to life wherever I can. I am close to my family and have a supportive network of friends, and enjoy a good community.

My partner Maya- studied law and works with the state government. She is passionate about life, enjoys zumba and salsa, snowboarding. She is very family oriented and loves socialising with her close circle of friends and family. She is very caring, talented, creative and has a very witty sense of humour.

We enjoy healthy food, and have travelled a fair bit in the past because our greatest love in life is to continue to learn and meet new people in new places. We have both been wanting to be mums and would love to start our family. We own our house and live in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. We are seeking a donor who is Caucasian, intelligent, kind and healthy. We would like to get to know each other first, to see if we are comfortable and understand each other before we start our journey together. We do not mind travelling for the right person if necessary. We would like to start AI soon preferably before the end of this year, and if unsuccessful we will progress with IVF. The both of us have already been
through the IVF clinical tests and are both healthy and fertile.

If you think we are a couple you would like to help, please contact us. We are happy to provide more photos. We really appreciate your time taken to read this long introduction, and for considering us.

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Lesbian Women Prefer No Conact Donors

The majority of women looking to become pregnant are in a long term steady relationships, they have secure jobs and own their homes. Lesbian women prefer no contact donors meaning that after insemination takes place and successful pregnancy is achieved the donor has nothing more to do with that family. This kind of arrangement often suits both the couple and donor. A contract can be agreed before insemination using a sperm donor agreement whereby all parties lay out their criteria in writing. This type of contract can carry weight in court should ay disagreements arise in the future.


2019 in Victoria could be a baby boom from lesbian parents. Let’s watch this space.


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