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10 European Sperm Donors Willing to help you Get Pregnant

10 European Sperm Donors Willing to help you Get Pregnant

There is a general shortage of sperm donors across the UK, USA and Australia. European sperm donors are springing into action to aid this donor crisis.

viking sperm donor looks

Would you consider the Nordic blonde looks of a Viking or the dark, sultry looks of a Spanish Matador?

There are many men in European countries such as Spain, France and Germany who have set up profiles on private online sperm donor matching websites to help women who cannot afford to buy sperm from sperm banks.

spanish matador sperm donor

10 European Sperm Donors

We have complied a list of 10 sperm donors you can choose right now to help you become pregnant.

Spanish Sperm Donors

Hello! My name is Jose. I am from Spain. As a donor and co-parent I would like to help a person who wants to be a mother and I would like to collaborate in child development. I like very much scandinavian culture and I am looking for swedish woman as a possible co-parent. I´m going to learn swedish.
Age: 43
Location: Barcelona, Spain

I am 37 years old gay guy, straight acting, independent, ambitious, healthy, at the moment working as a private chef for one family, and started private business in my home county.
My hobbies are sea and everything around sea, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, boats, swimming, and specially passionate about olive trees, picking olives, produce my own olive oil. I owned 300 olive trees.
I like hospitality, to hang out with friends, cook for them.
Believe that everyone of us is own co-creator of his/her destiny.
I would like to meet the kind of girl who wants to meet descent and nice guy for co-parenting.
This is the first time I am here, and I have wish to become a good father.
Age: 37
Location: Barcelona, Spain


Scandinavian Sperm Donors

I am 53 years old, dark-blonde, blue eyes, 1.88 high and weighs 83 kg. I have worked very much throughout my life when I have been an entrepreneur and started several companies. Have built gaselle companies several times and it has not been consistent with family life. Then suddenly I realize that I've passed 50 and did not have time to get a family. I have been married one time but have separeted for approx. 5 years. My ex wife has had a lot of mental ailments which meant that we did not move on in our plans for children. I am an only child and have had every opportunity to succeed at all levels. I have had success in business and have significant income and values. About 10 years ago I was in Denmark and made a sperm deposit at Cryos in case I had cancer or anything else that would lead to reduced ability to reproduce. I'm still as well both physically and mentally but feel the time is there to help someone to have a child. When the child is 18, it has just become retired so one should not wait any longer. I am open to discuss whether to have any degree of contact with the child, but I do not claim it. What I do, however, requires is that the child when it becomes official determines who the danger is. I can also contract a large amount reserved for education to the child when it is finished with secondary education. Please contact me and we will be able to arrange further progress. I would like to visit you to see if chemistry is in favor of our joint project.
Do not hesitate to contact.
It's better to regret something you've done than something you've not done.
Age: 53
Location: Bø, Norway


Sisustusarkkitehti ja Varatuomari pariskunta, yhdessä 9 vuotta. Diplomaatti taustalla, urbaani pari joista Sisustusarkkitehti haluaa isäksi. Parempaan taustaa ja mahdollisuutta harva voi saada. Olen Avoimesti liikeellä ja olen kiinnostunut myös sinusta. Seksusaalisella suuntautumisellasi ei ole väliä. Tärkeintä on se että voimme saavuttaa jotain mistä olemme haaveilleet.
Interior Architect and Master of Laity couple, together for 9 years. Diplomat in the background, an urban couple whose interior designer wants to be a father. A better background and opportunity for a few can get. I am Open to the liikeellä and I am also interested in you. Your sexual orientation does not matter. The most important thing is that we can achieve something we have dreamed of.
Age: 35
Location: Helsinki (Helsingfors), Etelä-Suomen lääni (fi), Finland

Swiss Sperm Donor

Hi! I‘m a Switzerland born portuguese man. I‘m 29 years old and currently working and living in Zürich. I have a masters degree and I speak fluently German, English, Portuguese, Spanish and some Italian. I love to travel and meet new cultures around the world. Now at almost my 30s I really want to make my biggest dream to come true, to become a loving father. Be open to contact me if you feel we could match.
Age: 29
Location: Schwerzenbach, Zürich (de), Switzerland

Portugese Sperm Donor

Im friendly, humble,and reliable person Open to conceive a children with good woman.
Communication makes things easy and Im Open to there possibilites.
Any questiona feeling free to ask.
I like Simple and honest people and love nature,cooking,hiking,biking, pets and much more.Open to relocate.
Age: 51
Location: Lisboa-EXPO, Lisboa, Portugal

Irish Sperm Donor

Single man, 36, educated, well situated, scientific background, tall, slim and fit, healthy lifestyle, non-smoker, social drinker, would like to become a sperm donor. Enjoy sports, reading, movies, art, travel, outdoors, etc. All details to be mutually agreed.
Age: 39
Location: Dublin, Ireland


Latvian Sperm Donor

I can help someone becoming a parent. :)
Interested in sperm donation only, since I have my own family to take care of, so no contact afterwards. You must be ready to assume full responsibility and child custody. Can pass health screening tests or any other tests if required.

I like reading about history, politics, economy. I like to discuss, analyze, to convince others, probably that's why I'm working in sales business. :) Speak 3 languages. Not very big fan of nightclubs and things like that, I prefer going to some restaurant. Used to train in martial arts when was younger, also sang in chorus, attended chorus festivals, now due to work and family life doesn't have very much time for this.

Please feel free to contact and discuss any questions you might have.
Age: 28
Location: Riga, Riga, Latvia


French Sperm Donor

Hello! My name is Alex and I'm a computer software programmer. I'm quite busy with a number of projects both professional and personal which prevents me from forming a family. My father formed one despite owning a quickly developing business, he simply couldn't be home enough and I'd like not to repeat his mistakes. However, I'd like to have children, even though I cannot form a family for the foreseeable future. I do not wish to wait another 15 years before I have kids. And that's why I'm here. I love to travel, so distance usually isn't a problem. Feel free to send me a message so that we can learn more about each other!
Age: 29
Location: Aix-en-Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône, France


German Sperm Donor

Hi! Welcome to my profile! I think a private donation is a good and simple way to help. You would like to see me? I can send you a photo of course.

I am a tall dark-haired man with german and swiss roots., who loves to go surfing, climbing and hiking at different spots of wild nature. I studied for five years at university and did a health test (bloodtype rh-). I am already a successful donor. I have no hands for pets, I must say, and am no city guy...

You have to be able to feed a child well in all ways possible. You have to be loving and understandful. I am also open to lesbians :-) Best regards!

Age: 35
Location: Landshut, Bayern, Germany

man smiling by beach

Many sperm donors are willing to travel to help you become pregnant. Alternatively to find your perfect donor a trip across Europe may be a vacation well worth having.

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