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All I Want for Christmas is a Sperm Donor

All I Want for Christmas is a Sperm Donor

With 8 more sleeps until Christmas there is still time to select a sperm donor before the big day.


Christmas time can be difficult for those who only dream of one special present from Santa Claus. Getting pregnant in time for the New Year can be the only thing on your mind when you want to start a family. No amount of gifts can come close to that one thing you are longing for. Ovulation decides when you can become pregnant and not the holidays so sperm donors need to remain active and available.


Santa Claus goes all over the world delivering his presents and so do sperm donors. Whether you are looking for a donor in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada or Australia you can search using a sophisticated online search tool.


Donors donate for a whole host of reasons. Some men are happy to remain anonymous and not be known to the child whilst others are comfortable keeping in touch with mother and child. Women can search for known or no contact donors.

woman on laptop searching for sperm donor

10 Sperm Donors to Help you Become Pregnant by Christmas

We have selected 10 sperm donors from around the world who could help you become a mother in 2019.

United Kingdom

Professional Actor and Dancer. Slim. 6 foot Tall. have a partner and a baby. I would like to help Someone Conceive a Child. I am Happy and Content with my Life and Career. I have a high sperm count. I live in London but i am willing to travel anywhere for the Right People. I am open to How to concieve and to all Possibilities but most important is for you to be happy and content. I do not want to Co Parent. I will send my Photograph on Request.
Location: London, United Kingdom


I am a genuine viable donor, intelligent and athletic, based in West Kent but am able to travel and provide samples at your convenience, (expenses apply). I am donating to help people achieve their dream of parenthood as well as my own and therefore do not have any difficult expectations or terms. Happy to discuss anything so feel free to send me a message.
Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom



Hi, i am french guy. I travel very often. I want to help and i do not mind to travel for it. I think we should know us better for such a big decision.
I was a sperm donor in the london women Health clinic a few years ago.
I can speak several language, german, french, english, russian, choose the one your prefere :)
Location: Paris, France


Hello! My name is Jose. I am from Spain. As a donor and co-parent I would like to help a person who wants to be a mother and I would like to collaborate in child development. I like very much scandinavian culture and I am looking for swedish woman as a possible co-parent. I´m going to learn swedish.
Location: Barcelona, Spain



I'm am 27 year old Web developer who resides in Columbus OH with my own company
I am a sperm donor looking to help prospective mothers have babies.
I am interested in NI as well as ship.
I registered here as a sperm donor to be able to help others seeking to have a family
Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States


I'm looking to become a parent, I have a good career, and I am ready to become a parent as soon as possible. I have close family ties with my family and I would like to have my own child- I would prefer a single heterosexual or lesbian woman, but I am open to helping couples.
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States


I have light brown hair and blue/green eyes, an athletic 177 cm, 130 lbs. I enjoy Hiking, Camping, Canoeing, Sailing, Rock Climbing, Ultimate and Kayaking.
Am a 9th generation Canadian with Scottish/Irish heritage. Have 14 aunts and uncles on one side and two on the other.
No genetic health issues in the family. Its exceptionally rare for me to get sick or have an health issue (father is the same). I do not take any drugs medically or recreationally.
Above average IQ, I was placed in the 95th percentile for visual spatial ability. Read an average of 14 book a year.
I work as an Analyst. Parents are an Engineer and Nutritionist, brother a Theatre Director. I am from Vancouver.
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


I'm 6'3 (190 cm) tall, and I weigh about 170 pounds (77kg).

I live for nature and outdoor adventures, especially climbing and long-distance running. I want to finish a 100 mile (161 kilometer) race at some point in my life.

My other passion is learning. I love history, science, languages, and travel. I originally wanted to be an academic, and when I’m not in the mountains I still spend most of my free time reading and spending time with people who like discussions.

I’m donating for a variety of reasons. Having a child may be the most meaningful experience we ever have, and I’d like to help someone achieve it. But there’s another reason as well—I deeply want to be a father at some point, but I’m not sure where that will fit into my life. I’m still figuring out my career, and for the next few years I want to travel and adventure while I’m still young. I feel like each new adventure makes me more driven for the next one and less likely to settle—but I’m already 27. It’s possible that by the time I’m ready to settle I’ll be 37 and in love with a 45 year old women who may be too old to have children. I love life and I live it to the fullest—and I’d be happy to know that I have a child making their way in the world, even if someone else has the joy of raising it.

As far as contact—for me the ideal would be very limited, but I’d like to meet them as a young adult.
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



I am an optimistic, generally happy person who enjoys helping others. I am a primary school teacher and I try to maintain a healthy balance between work, fitness, further studies, family time and social fun. I am interested in becoming a donor or possibly entering into some form of co-parenting with couples or individuals who are 25 years and over and who are non-smoking, physically fit, well-educated and earning a moderate to high income.
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


I am 51 years old, very healthy , 180 cm height, 75 kg weight, originally from Europe, living at Australia for many years. I live alone at my house and moving into my place is option . I have masters degree at Economics and I am all my life involved at real estate and property investment. I am very well financially secured and I am looking for co- parenting. I would like to provide my child with best care, living conditions and education , travelling together with co- parent, learning child skills and positive values. I never smoked in my life, I drink sometimes glass of wine or beer with lunch or dinner . I am very active person, doing sport every day, walking on the beach, swimming, stand up paddling, cycling, skiing every winter at Austria or France. All my relatives are mentally and physically very healthy . I have adult child, who lives independently at different city.
Location: Gold Coast Apt/Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia


There are hundreds more sperm donors ready and willing to help women achieve their dream of becoming a parent.

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