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We love Canadian Sperm Donors

We love Canadian Sperm Donors

Canadian sperm donors have helped thousands of people become parents since Co-parentmatch.com launched in 2007. Many Canadian men seem to be of a caring nature and willing to give for altruistic reasons. Find out what other common reasons men donate sperm for and how you can become eligable to be a sperm donor.

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The most poplar cities for sperm donors are Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton. However, even in some of the smaller provinces there are plenty of sperm donors looking to help women have babies.


We see a huge variety of men looking donate. Ages can range from young students in their 20's to successful professionals in their 50's. It is really interesting reading the reasons why men choose to donate sperm.

Take a look for yourself.


Here are 10 great sperm donors offering donations in Canada NOW!

1) Professional with higher university degree. Single, never married. I am 5'10" tall, weigh 225 lbs, sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, and wear glasses. For full disclosure I am Type 2 diabetic (non-juvenile). I am of Scottish heritage on both sides of my family. No children, but would be interested in helping others to have a family. Employed, not looking for any financial compensation. Would need to discuss details and feel comfortable with potential recipient.
Age: 61
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


2) Just looking for anyone interested. I very willing and able.

Age: 22
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


3) I heard about this site through news articles and other media. I thought it would be a great way to support the community and also help a woman achieve her hopes of having a child.

I am a healthy 27 year old male that has no history of sexually transmitted diseases or any illnesses in the family.
Age: 28
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


4) im here to help create life, simple as that.
Age: 23
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


5) Ideally looking to co-parent, but open to discussing what you have in mind.
Age: 32
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


6) My wife and I are planning on having our own children in the next couple years, but both of us have always been interested in helping others conceive. And it is a lot easier to donate semen than ova! :)

About myself...I'm positive, genuine, and passionate about life, and am happy to share everything about myself and my family history. I have tons of interests, so it would be hard to list them all here. Feel free to ask!

I'm 6'3", 200 pounds, have good semen quality, and have helped conceive this year. I will only do artificial insemination, and I have a donor contract and STI testing.

My main criteria for donation is working with responsible people who have the child's best interests at heart. I don't want any rights or responsibilities to any children, but I've really enjoyed keeping in touch with the family from my first donation and seeing the baby grow. But I'm also happy with just receiving updates once or twice a year if the child's family prefers.

Feel free to write me to see if we might be a good match to create a new person in the world!
Age: 35
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


7) I am a very healthy and strong man wishing to help those that are looking for my genetic qualities. I do AI only to protect myself and all future recipients. I have had many successes with lesbian couples and look forward to helping more in the future. I come from a big Polish family.
Age: 32
Location: London, Ontario, Canada

8) I'm 6'3 (190 cm) tall, and I weigh about 170 pounds (77kg).

I live for nature and outdoor adventures, especially climbing and long-distance running. I want to finish a 100 mile (161 kilometer) race at some point in my life.

My other passion is learning. I love history, science, languages, and travel. I originally wanted to be an academic, and when I’m not in the mountains I still spend most of my free time reading and spending time with people who like discussions.

I’m donating for a variety of reasons. Having a child may be the most meaningful experience we ever have, and I’d like to help someone achieve it. But there’s another reason as well—I deeply want to be a father at some point, but I’m not sure where that will fit into my life. I’m still figuring out my career, and for the next few years I want to travel and adventure while I’m still young. I feel like each new adventure makes me more driven for the next one and less likely to settle—but I’m already 27. It’s possible that by the time I’m ready to settle I’ll be 37 and in love with a 45 year old women who may be too old to have children. I love life and I live it to the fullest—and I’d be happy to know that I have a child making their way in the world, even if someone else has the joy of raising it.

As far as contact—for me the ideal would be very limited, but I’d like to meet them as a young adult.
Age: 31
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


9) I'm a happy, healthy human hoping to help good people looking for quality genes to birth a beautiful child ~ I'm 35 years old, and I feel dedicated to my work and I likely won't have time to raise a family myself ~

I come from a strong healthy lineage and I'm an only child, and I'm hopeful that I'll be able to pass along these genes to the right person to co-create a beautiful child ~ I wouldn't be involved in raising the child, but I'm happy to stay in contact ~

I'm happy to do the procedure in whatever way feels safe and offers the best chance of success ~ I have recently gotten a test to ensure that I'm STD free, my family has no known genetic diseases, and I'm in the process of getting further tests done to make sure my genes are free of genetic markers ~ I very much believe in the new research on epigenetics and I'm certain my healthy lifestyle and positive outlook have activated the best of my genes' potential ~

I am well educated, intelligent, and hard-working and I run my own landscaping business ~ I'm kind hearted and funny, open-minded and well traveled ~ my physical body is fit and healthy, and I've spent years developing my mind through meditation and yoga ~

I hope to be able to offer a part of myself to the right person or couple, in order to help them start of expand their beautiful family ~ thank you for making the commitment to raise a child and I wish you the best on your journey
Age: 36
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


10) I am a well spoken, intelligent and down to earth individual based in the GTA. I am a corporate professional, living an active and fulfilling life.I do enjoy music and cinema , and work out or play tennis atleast 4 times a week. I have one daughter from a previous marriage and I believe parenthood is a true blessing. I have put some thought into this , and I am willing to help genuine, caring , affectionate people whom I feel confident about providing a wonderful life for the child/ children. Thanks. Nash


Age: 37
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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