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5 London Sperm Donors Ready to help you Become Pregnant Now.

5 London Sperm Donors Ready to help you Become Pregnant Now.


Our London sperm donors have never let us down in over 10 years. There are always plenty of men willing to act as a donor to help women become pregnant through sperm donation.


There are many reasons that sperm donors have for donating including:

  • To Become a father
  • To Making a positive contribution to someone’s happiness.
  • To Leave a legacy
  • To make money (sperm bank only)
  • For Altruistic reasons


It’s not just one type of guy who is interested in donating. Men come from a whole host of backgrounds, ethnicities and professional status.


If you decide to become a sperm donor there are three main routes to pregnancy:


1) Artificial Insemination at home (AI) / Home Insemination – you would be required to ejaculate into a sterile specimen cup in order for your recipient to insert the sperm into her vagina using a sterile syringe.


2) Natural Insemination (NI) – Some people prefer to try to conceive ‘the old fashioned way’. This is down to the discretion of individual members however we strongly urge both donors and recipients to insist on health screening and fertility test results. NI is something that both donor and recipient must fully agree on and if you feel a member is putting inappropriate pressure on you then you should report them immediately.


3) Sperm Bank or Fertility Clinic - by donating through a sperm bank you will automatically receive both health screening tests and fertility tests checking the quantity and quality of your sperm. Most sperm banks will have a comfortable private room with a selection of magazines and DVD’s to ‘encourage’ you to produce your sample. Your sperm will then be frozen for 6 months and undergo freeze/thaw testing before it can be passed fit for insemination.


For all of the above methods you should have fully health screening and have received fertility test results prior to any insemination. 


We've taken a look at 5 sperm donors in London who are ready to help women right now.




Age: 39

Looking to help individuals having problems to conceive. Helped my best friend and she had gone on to have 2 beautiful children, pictures can be provided. Sporty and cultured 30 something man who is very busy with his business who does not have time to havechildren of his own




Age: 30

My name is Kane, I’m a 30 year old gay guy living in London and happy to help those looking for AI. I’m currently registered and donating via a sperm bank and so can happily verify my credentials and viability (full STI checks, blood analysis and genetic testing). About myself; > 188cms tall. > 76kg, toned and keep in shape. > Caucasian. > Blue eyes. > Brown hair. > Degree educated to Masters level. > Professional job within the Life sciences sector. I’m originally from Suffolk, and have lived in London/South since 2010.




Age: 38

Hi, Alex, 38, single, looking to help a woman having a baby. My last relationship has come to an end after 5 years and I want to start a new page. It’s not about being a donor for one day, I’d like us to be close friends for years and to spend more time together before and after pregnancy.

I’m from East. Europe, going to live and work in UK for a few months each year, so we could meet regularly as parents and I think I could be around in the hardest pregnancy months. I’ll be visiting UK this summer and I need a friend to show me the local life and I’ll do my best to help with a baby. If you’re interested in IVF, I’ll be happy to see you as a guest here at my place or somewhere in Europe (if you’re looking for low ivf prices), I can help with everything and I can pay for the IVF.

Living together for a week or more and creating a new life as friends seems to be a great idea as for me, I’m very friendly and open to all proposals. I‘ll be happy to meet and spend a day or two together in Europe, if you like travelling. I’m self-employed, intelligent, honest, calm, very talkative, handy person, like sport and playing guitar, I don’t use my university law education (it’s sad), now my plan is to study psychology, don’t like beer and don’t smoke, very kind and understanding. It’s very important for me to have deep and sincere conversation with partner. I speak English fluently (l think so:)))).




Age: 24

My name is Charles and I’m swiss malaysian living and working in London. I studied engineering at university and now work in finance. I love to travel and ski competitively. I’d love to help someone make an important step in their lives 




Age: 42

Me as a person I guess is best described as what others have said about me. In some words I'm patient, humble, good tempered, level headed, logical and would say I've got more character then personality. I'm spontaneously witty with dry humor. As far as my bloodline heritage I'm a pavement special with English, Irish Italian and Dutch stemming from my grandparents.

I've come from a stable loving home and don't have an addictive personality so I guess that is why I had tried smoking but it never took or perhaps it was the fact I smoked a whole box of camels feeling death warmed up the next day – I think it was the latter. I've got a technical college education in light electronics but ended up currently in IT but not sure if that will be my life long career path.

I was raised as a Christian, went onto being spiritual and now I'm just agnostic I think at the moment anyway. Life changes you and I think change is best embraced rather then going up against it (Easier said). I have good standing values and this can be credited to my family and the way I've been raised and believe in the old saying of treat others as you want to be treated.

I would like to become a donor as I would like to help others along with personal reasons. I must stress I'm not looking at co-parenting and would just like to be a donor. If this is you then please do get in touch. I would just ask for a once off picture of the baby when its born in return for my donation :) 


If you would like to become a sperm donor register here.


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