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Sperm Donation in LA as it Happens

Sperm Donation in LA as it Happens

We have a long history of sperm donation in Los Angeles, California. Consistently year on year Co-ParentMatch.com see's many a sperm donor looking to help women become pregnant. This year we have seen a rise in the number of LA men looking to help women become pregnant through sperm donation.

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Casual Donors

With so many sperm donors to choose from its ok to meet up with potential matches and consider whether a better choice may be around the corner. It’s not a casual date where it doesn’t matter if the guy is not Mr Right, you are meeting the man who fill become your baby's biological father. On the LA dating scene you will need to dodge the guys looking for casual sex however with our sperm donor app you can find guys that will donate via artificial insemination (AI). You can take your donor straight to the nearest sperm bank, have him tested and arrange for him to donate in a sterile, safe environment.

Types of Sperm Donor

If you are an LA man looking to donate you can start by considering what type of sperm donor you would like to be:


So you have chosen to be a sperm donor. But, what type of donor are you? You need to think about how involved in your child's life you want to be. The sperm donor spectrum runs from anonymous donors to full on co-parents.

It starts with a big decision...

Do you want to be known to your child or involved in their life?

Anonymous Donor

Sperm donation through a sperm bank where your identity would not be released until the child reaches 18.

No Contact Donor

No involvement in your child's life although you may choose to share your identity with your child.

Known Donor

Known to your child and involved through regular updates and perhaps some contact.


Fully involved in your child's life in a parental role.


4 LA sperm donors looking to help women right now:

I am a healthy man in my early 30's that recently donated to a married friend whose husband is infertile. Donating to them made me realize that I could help so many more people out there with similar problems and can bring a small happiness to them. It is, quite honestly, one of the most satisfying and uplifting things that someone can do.
Age: 34


Hi, I'm new here :) I'd like to donate or with the right woman, co-parent. Haven't found a life partner I want to settle down with, so would love to be a part of helping another person or couple experience the happiness of a child. Open to various levels of involvement. I'm STD free, very intelligent (92-99th percentile on standardized tests), athletic, healthy, and just a good natured, conscious person.
Age: 43

I'm an Asian man who is looking for a woman that wants to get pregnant. Would very much like to help someone become a parent/co-parent. It's an important stop so glad to chat/discuss arrangements that suit all parties and wish the best for everyone.
Age: 41

I'm a fit, successful, attractive, working professional in the Los Angeles area looking to help good people become parents. I love the outdoors, am an avid reader and writer, love art and music, enjoy cooking and exploring new restaurants, and have a passion for international travel.
Age: 36


Here's what our members tell us:

"I would love to know what my child looks like and what milestones they achieve although I don't want to be involved in the day to day parenting."

"I am happy donating sperm anonymously knowing I have provided a family with immense happiness."

"I do not want to just donate sperm. I want to be there every step of the way in my journey as a parent."

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