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The Summer Sperm Donor Surge

The Summer Sperm Donor Surge

Well there is certainly something about summer that gives men a kick start to sign up as a sperm donor. Between June and August you may think that most people down tools and head off to the nearest beach to forget about normal daily life and chill for the summer. However, when it comes to making babies it’s hard to switch off, indeed the more thinking time you have the harder that biological clock bangs on. This is why we see an increase in females looking for sperm donors but also a massive hike in the number of males interested in sperm donation.

Sperm donor on beach

Young, fit, healthy sperm donors

This summer we have seen a lot of young, fit, healthy guys who have read press articles about the shortage of sperm donation and they have taken it upon themselves to help out in some way. This is such a kind and selfless thing to do. So many women cannot afford to buy sperm and have artificial insemination so they are looking for private sperm donors who can help them become pregnant.


Here is a taste of some of our new summer sperm donors:

Schenectady, New York, United States
Looking to help others bare their children. Clean std check, healthy and have impregnated three woman so far.

Looking to just be a donor but not against child knowing or meeting me if they so choose to ad an adult.

6ft, black American and athletic build.


Puyallup, Washington, United States
White, 5'11", excellent health, no history of inherited illnesses or genetic weakness. Here to assist with impregnation via natural insemination (though method is negotiable.) I have a very high, very mobile sperm count, and a flawless record of successful insemination and satisfied mothers. Please message me if you believe I might be able to help you start your family!


Avon, Connecticut, United States
Hello, I came across this site from reading up on the subject. I have two very healthy very good looking, almost grown boys. I wish to help someone/couple to achieve having a child. Thanks, John

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
This is a process that I have wanted to be apart of for a long time and could not find any 'traditional' way to proceed. The more I researched the donor process in Canada the more I realized I had to participate as out current regulated system is not very accessible for anyone.

My first thoughts towards becoming a donor came years ago when I was considering having a family of my own then my thoughts went too all the people out there that need more than just patience. The ones that need a little more help.....well I am here to help now and participate.

Requirements from me will be that you are able to care for a child. You are physically healthy yourself (you don't have to be an athlete but good life choices.) That the individual or couple has been considering this for awhile and have a network in place that would be nessary. The goal for me will be a happy healthy child to a family of any dynamics.

Not expecting to do this very often but would be interested in working with someone or a couple looking for multi-donations for siblings.


New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, United States
Look to help women conceive to fulfill there lives and have a bright future with a family of their own

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Hey there 28 year old male would love to help you get pregnant. I am drug and disease free (tested) would be willing to have your doctor run screening as well. I have no criminal record or health issues nor do any family members. I am university educated. I would love to help you guys bring joy to your lives and once you become impregnated I don't want any further contact or very minimal. I work out, am a normal guy, have friends, am not prone to addiction. I will be willing to meet in person, chat over a while to make sure everything is clear. I will respect boundaries, and understand that there are optimal times and I will try to be there during that time as much as I can, until successful. Would love to discuss.

Russell Springs, Kentucky, United States
I recently learned that I could help others and thought it was the most amazing endeavour to start. I'm so thankful that this site exists to facilitate and match those in need and those looking to help others. I am so happy for EVERYONE involved, especially those who donors like me can give a chance.


If you would like to become a sperm donor and help a woman become pregnant please register now

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