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The Gay Couples Looking to Become Sperm Donors

Gay Sperm Donor Success

I received notification of a great success story today. A gay man living in New Zealand who's partner had a baby three years through Co-ParentMatch.com is now looking to become a known sperm donor or co-parent to enable him to become a biological father. The gay couple have enjoyed looking after their daughter every other weekend and now want to extend their brood.

gay dad looking into babies eyes

A Modern Family

This is a modern, extended family set up that really can work. We have previously had a lot of success with gay men becoming dads through sperm donation. It is a trend that is on the rise as gay men can now have the freedom to live their lives and also enjoy the wonderful experience of fatherhood. Co-parenting or a known sperm donor agreement enables you to biologically father a child and agree a level of access that suits both parties.

Sperm Donor Access Rights

More often than not the baby will live with the mother or mothers and the father will have access rights. It is always advisable to discuss in depth the kind of foreseeable access you would like. This can then be documented and written into a legally binding agreement. It helps both parties set the boundaries that they are comfortable with and helps to prevent any unwanted disagreements.

In over a decade of Co-ParentMatch.com pregnancies and births we have never had any feedback of a negative nature for gay men co-parenting. Whether a gay man donates to a heterosexual woman, single lesbian or lesbian couple, the known donor arrangement seems to work well. Becoming a sperm donor can bring so much happiness.

coparenting family on beach

Here are a selection of gay men in relationships currently looking to donate sperm.

Age: 32
Location: Napier, Hawkes`s Bay, New Zealand
I grew up on a dairy farm south of Hawkes Bay, im one of 4 siblings So I have a few nieces and nephews that I adore. I’m open to a Co-parent situation but also happy to be a donor, would ideally like to be known to the child.
We live in Taradale, I work for a large wine company and based on a small vineyard here in Hawkes Bay.
My partner Mark has a three year old daughter which we have every other weekend. She is the result of a Co-parent Match success which is partly the reason I am on here now.
Look forward to talking to you if your interested.


Age: 34
Location: Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom
As a gay couple we can't have our own children but I would like to help the right person to bring a new life into this world . I am a health conscious individual, into fitness and enjoy taking care of myself. If this is right for you, please get in contact.


Age: 39
Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Hi, my name is Shane and I’m looking to donate for for the right couple or person.
Myself and my partner have been together for 19 years and starting dating after high school.
I would like to donate and help in making a couples dream of having children a reality.

Age: 42
Location: Bergenfield, New Jersey, United States
Professional and educated couple


Age: 39
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Same-sex married interracial couple, black male is 39 years old and white male is 37 years old. We both live in the Metro Area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and looking for someone/couple that is within a 2-3 hour driving distance from us. We are open to several options (but not limited to):

Option #1: With a lesbian married couple, create multiple children and split them equally between both couples and terminating parental rights of the biological kids that the other couple has. The Black male will only donate.

Option #2: We are open to one of us (the Black male) to donate to a lesbian married couple and we would like to have some limited contact (specifics to be negotiated) as "The Dads" or "The Uncles". Legal responsibilities can be negotiated or fully terminated by the Black male based on what the four of us all agree to doing.

Option #3: Sperm donation by the Black male. Would like to remain in contact via pictures and emails but won't have an active part of the child's life. Legal responsibilities will be terminated by the Black male.

I am college-educated (Associate, Bachelor, & Master Degrees) professional who works full-time in the field of Education. My husband is also college-educated (Bachelor and 2 Master Degrees) works full-time in the field of Accounting.

We are also open to other possibilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Age: 47
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Open minded couple living in Auckland interested in co-parenting


If you are gay man who wants to become a sperm donor or a co-parent then REGISTER NOW and begin your search for a match.


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