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Big City Sperm Donors

Big City Sperm Donors

It is always interesting looking at geographical statistics of where the majority of sperm donors are looking to donate sperm. We always find that there are lots of guys looking to help women become pregnant in major cities across the world. In 2019 we have also seen a lot of new members from cities and regions never featured before on Co-parentmatch.com

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Getting pregnant through private sperm donation is a growing year on year. The cost of artificial insemination in clinics is a major factor driving women away from techniques such a IUI and IVF and striving instead for local sperm donors offering home insemination.


Sperm donors near you are always available and can be found through our sophisticated search functions however if you want to choose from a large selection of donors you can broaden your search to include the nearest cities to where you live. Our custom search feature enables you to search by mile radius from your registered location.

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Let’s take a look at some of our big city sperm donors who are looking to be matched with women right now.


Age: 37
Location: London, United Kingdom

I am an educated, clean cut male looking to donate to someone in need. I have no hang ups on race, religion or orientation. I would be simply interested in donating with being open to having the child contact me in the future. It is completely up to the parent and the child. 

New York

Age: 35
Location: New York, New York, United States 

I am a kind and loving man and like helping people. I am a conservatory educated classical musician and have performed on some of the world's greatest stages including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.
I am intelligent, emotionally expressive, sincere, and ernest. I am open to being a donor or co parent.

Las Vegas

Age: 35
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 

Born and raised in Toronto, living in Las Vegas since 2013. Successful entrepreneur (mostly retail). I have filled out an extensive questionnaire with more information on me including family history in which I can provide with additional photos, an ancestry report, and additional details (semen, blood, drug, STD test results) upon request. My recent sperm count measured at 105 million/ml and I've been involved in 3 confirmed pregnancies through AI. My blood type is O+.

I realize that I’m not ready to raise a family anytime soon (my Dad had me at 50) but the thought of little Marcus’s running around in diapers causing chaos brings me self-pride, not to mention helping others and knowing I've left my mark in this world. Donating has also motivated me to exercise more, eat healthier, and drink less (it's been months) in order to promote optimal sperm quality.


Age: 41
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Actor, Model, Artist, Mechanical Engineer, Inventror, IQ 150, Emotional inteligence,
Ancestry dates back to 13th Century Sardinia, Ehtnicity; Italian.

Children are flowers that need to be nurtured in a loving and supporting environment to flourish with their productive choices in life.

I shall commence a Term Deposit for the Child, that will earn interest until they are an adult.
In the interim, good grades equals a cash bonus reward.

Optional assistance, able to provide, emotional support, Mathematical tuition, project building ie; Robots and Excercise training.


Age: 32
Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

I believe that everyone should be able have their dream of having a family especially same sex couples. I have three kids of my own and i would love to help you have the family you deserve.


Age: 38
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

I would love to help others have a child of their own. I recently have a nephew who is so cute and who i love to bits, i see how much happiness he has given our family, i would love to let others experience the gift of children. im only looking to help those who are mature, can take care of kids and who are ready for the responsibility. I am of southern chinese descent (guangdong province), 1.8m tall, University Graduate, IQ tested at 135 (top 1%), Professional career, Recently STD Tested, In excellent health, physically active, dont drink nor smoke, and located in Downtown Toronto. you can contact me


Age: 29
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Hi there! I'm looking to donate sperm as I'd love to have another child and watch them grow up. Willing to help out gay/lesbian couple/individuals.


If you are looking to find a sperm donor or are considering becoming a sperm donor then register here


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