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Potential documentary series exploring modern family life

Hello everyone! Thank you for passing this message on for me.


I’m reaching out to all of you because award-winning production company, Firecracker Films, is currently in the early stages of research for a potential documentary series exploring modern family life.


In this immersive series we’ll be working alongside a reputable presenter to convey an honest and insightful portrait of what life is like in Britain today for a cross section of society. We’re looking for families with an uncommon lifestyle who are willing to share their way of life and welcome us into their homes.


We would love to speak to families where two people have met as strangers on a matching site to co-parent and start a family! We are interested in co-parents who are completely platonic but who live together under one roof to raise their child. We think this is an area that little is really known about so we’re keen to hear your stories!


Please get in touch on the details below. We’re keen to learn more about co-parenting so speaking to us doesn’t commit you to anything.


[email protected]rackerfilms.com or 0207 837 7790


Thank you!



You Must Be 18+ to Apply

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