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5 Intelligent Sperm Donors ready to pass on their Clever Genes

Intelligent Sperm Donors

For some women the process of choosing a sperm donor depends on several key factors including looks, religion, blood group, level of donor involvement and the IQ level of a sperm donor.

The order you put these factors depends on what is important for you. Some women would not consider intelligence to be a factor and would consider the perfect sperm donor to be someone who instead had the desired personal looks. However many women will be mindful that successful academic genes may well be passed on to their child so why not give your baby a little helping hand with a brainy biological father.

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Here are 5 sperm donors who are academically successful

Location: Aberbeeg, United Kingdom

German American. Jewish American Father and German Mother. I grew up in New York; however I have spent the majority of my life overseas. Four Graduate degrees to include Harvard University and IMD Business School in Switzerland. Former U.S. Army Officer; graduated from West Point; U.S. Military Academy; Olympic level heavyweight boxer and Division One Football Player. I speak three languages: English, German, and Mandarin Chinese (我之前住在中国十年了 ). I travel often and spend most of my time in Europe and Asia. I have a very international mindset and would like to become a father. I am open to different arraignments with the woman or couple, so I am flexible; it all depends on if we match or not; if we match; then we can work all things out with communication. I have undergone full STD checks, genetic tests, and sperm analysis; all is good.

If we click; I would suggest that we take the following plan:
Step 1: We exchange email and WhatsApp information and communicate on those platforms for a month or so, perhaps longer, it depends. If we feel like we are a strong match, then
Step 2: We plan a time and place to meet; I travel a lot in Asia or Europe; so I prefer to meet in one of these locations; we choose a city and meet there. We spend about three days getting to know each other; if after this occasion we feel we are a strong match, then
Step 3: I fly to your home city; where you have already have worked with a local fertility clinic to accept my sperm. While at your home city; I will spend about three to five days; we will again get to know each other, and I will donate about two to three ejaculations at the fertility clinic; the sperm will be frozen; and should be enough for ten frozen sperm rods. This will also be an opportunity; should you want; for me to get checked again for STDs, etc; so you can feel assured. After this, then,
Step 4: Every month; when you are at the peak of your ovulation; you will go to the clinic and the doctor will artificially inseminate you; this requires NO medication on your part. If you want; you should also have the choice to take the frozen sperm home and conduct an AI at home by yourself. There will be a total of ten frozen sperm rods; so every month, for the months, you can attempt an AI.


Location: Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Thanks for visiting. I am here to help you have children. I am a dad and know how important being a parent is in life. Willing to help those who to achieve the riches parenting brings. I offer this freely. I do not seek money. Flexible in parenting arrangements as well. A common understanding on methods and responsibilities is important. Age not as much. My family and relatives live long, healthy lives. No genetic illnesses. I do have genes for healthy teeth. No cavities! I have current STI and high sperm quality (concentration, motility, etc.) test results. I've travelled a lot and am sensitive to the ways of other cultures. I love nature and have long worked to protect and preserve her. Two university degrees. Fluent in French and Spanish and capable in several other languages. I am willing to travel anywhere. If you really want to conceive, be brave! Write me. I'm happy to answer your questions. Thanks.


Location: Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan  

i'm 25 years of age, Gemini.
Bilingual (English & Japanese)

America-born/Singapore raised, of mixed heritage ( half Japanese/German). College student.
I've light brown coloured eyes, naturally curly hair, well defined muscles, 5'8 tall. Oh and I have naturally straight/even teeth!

I don't drink or smoke nor use drugs. No STIs or genetic diseases or health issues.
In terms of education, the highest level I've attained is undergraduate and starting this year i am attending Masters.

In regards to my reasons in being a donor, it is both to help others who need it and personal in the sense that I hate the thought of departing without leaving a part of me behind to continue and contribute to the human race.

Although I am open minded in terms of co-parenting, my primary intention is to be a donor and I will respect the wishes if someone wants no further contact.

Willing to meet to get to know you first here in Tokyo.

Location: New York, New York, United States
I'm a 6'1'' PhD-educated professional in Manhattan. I've had blond children, despite being a hazel-eyed brunette (I was blond until age 5, and have blond people in my family).

After witnessing the bureaucracy and financial hardships my cousin had to go through to conceive via IUI, it opened my eyes to how ridiculous our current reproductive medical system can be. I believe that nothing should stop a woman from starting a family of her own.


Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States 
I am well educated, drug and disease free, and open-minded. I just want to help other people have children (okay with all sexualities). I love giving back to others. I am considered kind and generous and loving. I hope that I can make your dream of having a child to come true.

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