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Aussie Blokes We Need Your Sperm

Aussie Blokes We Need Your Sperm

There is currently a massive shortage of sperm donors in Australia with one clinic in the Northern Territory claiming that just four donations have been made within the last three years.


Sperm clinics are now importing sperm from the USA to cope with the demand from women looking to become pregnant through sperm donation.

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Australian fertility law enables one man’s sperm to help ten different families have a baby. However sperm donors are not anonymous and they do not receive money for their donations but the good news is that general expenses are paid.


Here at Co-ParentMatch.com we have a steady flow of Australian men looking to help single women and couples through sperm donation. However we always need more.


Here are 5 Australian donors actively looking to help you become pregnant:

Age: 50
Location: Cairns, Queensland, Australia
open minded about arrangements. parent/child needs primary. have photos of children available. have been dna screened. 100% european decent. good at sports and academically, having a physics/maths degree. work in technical field. enjoy outdoors especially bush walks. amicable personality. living in victoria

Age: 22
Location: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
I'm looking to conceive with no strings attached. I take this seriously and I'm respectful of your lifestyle. I have no STIs and I can get a test if you ask. I'm willing to travel within reason. I am open to either artificial or natural insemination.

I'm 170cm tall and 50kg. I'm white with blue eyes and brown hair. I'm hygienic and physically fit. I don't drink, smoke, or take drugs.
I'm intelligent; I have a university STEM degree, I speak 3 languages, and I play multiple musical instruments.
There are no genetic diseases in my family. My family members are all intelligent and physically healthy. Two of my grandparents lived past 90.

You must also be free of drugs and diseases. You must be able to support the child, either by yourself or with your partner. I don't want to be involved with the child at all after conception.

Age: 29
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I'm 26, 6ft 2in (186cm), mouse blonde haired, blue eyed. 95kg and pure Caucasian background. I say that as I actually had my genetic history mapped, not a comment on racial preferences. I understand that for the purpose of this site, information about your potential donor is vital. I have no allergies and no genetic disorders. Fair skinned though so sunscreen is a must haha. Looking to assist someone in having a child. No judgement, it's a crazy world we live in and sometimes finding the time to have a family in the normal avenues just doesn't happen.

Age: 32
Location: Penrith, New South Wales, Australia
An easygoing 32 year old, 6 ft 3 tall gent working in the non-stop excitement of the insurance industry.

I am a happy, healthy male who really happened upon this website largely by chance while reading an article on home donation and the pros and cons of it. When I was younger my fiance and I were convinced that an abortion was the right thing to do at our stage in life, but we both immediately regretted it. I had wish I had given life to our child and never would take that path again.

I would love to help those looking for genetically strong and healthy children to conceive, my family are extremely long lived and healthy and I have a recent full blood test and screen (September) the last time I had unprotected sex, as well as a follow up check up. I am extremely flexible to your requirements, and certainly open to queries.

If that sounds like something you are interested in please don't be shy, I am more than happy to answer any questions and am here to help.

Age: 29
Location: Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia
I am an Account Manager working for a global US software company here in Sydney, Australia. I am quite tall with an athletic build and work out a fair bit. I also possess a very outgoing/jovial personality and I 'd like to consider myself a "stable genius" (Trump joke there lol). I enjoy travelling, music and sports a lot.


If you would like to donate sperm please register here


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