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Heterosexuals who meet online to make a baby

A Modern Way to Start a Family


I’m a freelance writer for The Guardian, UK, working on a feature about heterosexual pairings who meet online with the sole purpose of having a baby/ co-parenting together, but not getting romantically involved.


We want to look, in depth, at this modern way to start a family, as told via the testimonies of those who have done and are doing it, how it works for them, what appeals about parenting this way and the emotions and practicalities involved on both sides, from signing up to sites, partnering with someone, pregnancy and parenting.


I would, therefore, love to hear from anyone interested in taking part in this. You can be interviewed under an anonymised name and can get in touch with me at [email protected] My website is www.mywritefulplace.co.uk.

Many thanks,
Deborah Linton

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