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When you find a father not just a sperm donor

Receiving feedback from members who have found a sperm donor or co-parent is something we never get tired of. It is the very reason we created this website back in 2007. Opening an email that says someone is pregnant as a result of finding a sperm donor on Co-parentmatch.com brings us as much happiness as the person who is pregnant.

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Here is Daniela’s story:


“Thanks, co-parentmatch, for helping me in finding not only a donor, as I was looking for at first, but a kind-hearted father for the child that I want!! Waiting for the miracle to happen in the near future! Thank you once again!! Wishing all the luck to all the men and women out here, in finding the right person to create nice intelligent healthy babies!!”


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UPDATE: I've just become a Premium Member (20.04), so I've just read all the messages and I feel overwhelmed seeing nice and intelligent men willing to donate from one reason or another.


I've never thought these kind of men exist till recently, though my doctor told me a few years ago that these kind of men do exist.


I'm trying to have a normal life during this pandemic, but it's hard to think about making plans, who knows for how long. Not happy about it! Our lives have changed so much in just a few weeks....


My dream of having a baby through a clinic is postponed right now because of all this. What's depressing is that we don't even know how long it's going to last till a vaccine is found.
Having a baby right now it's not an option. Waiting too much, it's not ok either. Wish I were ten years younger and not having to worry about my age.


Being a single mom wouldn't have been a problem for me, but knowing that this virus is killing so many people, it's not comforting me at all. I wish I had found this website a few years ago and not during this pandemic...


Is this virus going to cancel my plan of becoming a mom?


It's so hard to think positively after more than a month of isolation. I thought this break would be perfect for finding the right person to help me conceive my baby, but I'm so scared of thinking that something bad might happen to me and the baby will be all alone in this world with no mother, no father. I'm trying to keep up the good spirits, but it's quite hard these days.


I was about to give up the ideea of becoming a Premium Member, but then I decided to give it a try for a month.

Right now I want to talk to men, here on this site first, to get to know the right donor better, before going on private.

It's frustrating though, because I don't even know what to answer to those who wrote me. What plans could I make when this pandemic is over, knowing that a worse financial crisis is awaiting us? The prices have doubled, even tripled here...not to mention how expensive a fertility procedure is now. In one-two years would be too late for me... Am I not just chasing a dream??!


Hi! I'm a tall woman, 180cm/64 kg, (Aries sign), looking for a serious man, who is willing to help me in achieving my dream of becoming a mom. I'm 43 years old, so I prefer someone who will accept artificial insemination. I want a person with up-to-date STD tests and willing to run any genetic or other tests needed by the doctor or provide genetic tests in advance. Looking to have a healthy baby with a responsible intelligent tall man.


Considering the pandemic situation we are facing right now, I may be willing to pay only one-two month Membership fee, in order to write and read your messages. I will answer to the messages, if that person is willing to come to Bucharest for AI. We may be chatting for 1-2 months to make sure we get along and match our expectancies as father/mother model. Given the situation, that's all we can do right now...


Men who are looking just for sex, please look for someone else! There are women who may be able to conceive only via artificial insemination, especially if they are not that young anymore. If I were younger, I would have wished to have 2 kids.


Regarding me, I can add that I'm a school teacher in a good public school. I love children and hope to have a child of my own whom to love and teach him/her all the things I know and much more. I graduated 3 universities and a master.



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