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10 New Zealand Sperm Donors Wanting to Help

Sperm donors in New Zealand are lining up to help you become pregnant. Here are 10 sperm donors looking to help women hve a baby:

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DAVID515, Auckland

Working professional, willing and wanting to help others!

ANDY176, Aukland

Young, healthy non smoking guy . ready to donate to help those in need 32 years of age fit and energetic i am also half kiwi and half irish . More than happy to travel for the right person

JOHN249, Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wangan

I'm of African descent, male, healthy, sporty and willing to make someone's dream come true of carrying a baby. If you are looking for a donor, lets have a chat.

MORNING1, Aukland

Hi there. I'd like to help someone become a mother, or help a couple become parents. I'm in Auckland in New Zealand. I'm very healthy, I've been a teacher, software developer, and a builder. I enjoy running. You can make it happen :)

MARCOS3, Aukland

I'm from Brazil, healthy, 1.91m Height, green eyes, funny, looking for women wishing a child. I'm living in Auckland, North Shore and I love this place for walking, swimming, eating out.

I can help you. I don't speak English very well, but I have 2 beautiful child and I would like you have yours as well. I'm a discrete and polite man.


NICK115, Christchurch, Canterbury

Hey, i'm a successful donor based in Christchurch with no known allergies, no mental or physical ailments.
I'm quite flexible for how much contact any recipients wish to keep with me after successful donation,
and i'm available to have multiple children with the same recipient if they wish
If you've got any questions or if you're interested in receiving a donation feel free to message me. :)

LORNE1, Carterton, Wellington

i am currently working as a bee keeper and like to be active with business in my spare time aside from my hobbies. i like to keep active and eat well and like to be passionate about the things i do put my time in to. just here to see if i can help those who dream to have children but need some help to make that reality.


PHIL98, Wellington

I would like to donate sperm and have some involvement in the childs life (i.e like a good family friend or uncle) to a single or partnered/married woman. I am looking for someone responsible and kind who would be a good loving parent that I can relate to and get on well with. I am easy going and reliable and would make a commitment to donating and being available to meet any children conceived Let me know if you would like more information or would just like to get together and see if we are a good match.

EDWIN13, Lower Hutt, Wellington

My name is Eddie, I have a health child and want to support like minded people to carry on.
I am willing to discuss contact and support and am health, don't smoke or drink and work professionally.
I live in New Zealand and have been separate for 3 years and currently co-parent nicely.
Open to single or partnered couple support where there is a real drive to go on and raise the next generation. Available now and from September.

ARNOLD52, Hamilton, Waikato

Where to start. I am 35 years old, married for 7 years, together for 11. I am a NZ Dairy Farmer formerly an Engineer. I have a happy loving wife but for her own reasons she does not want to have children of her own. I always thought this was something I could live with, however over the last 5+ years my desire for another child has become strong and I would love to be an involved Father role model again. We have raised my own son, now 16 years old, and have a foster son now 19 years old. My Co-Parenting ideas are very flexible but I would love to chat and have an open conversation with someone like minded and in NZ.

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